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ScaleWeight Watchers Compact Precision Electronic Scale – WW10R
An ultra compact scale, with a full-size platform, this Weight Watchers bathroom scale is ideal for smaller spaces. Weigh in once a week, and count on our precision electronic accuracy to keep you on track.

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Scale Weight Watchers Glass Precision Electronic Scale – WW42R

This super sophisticated Weight Watchers scale has a thick, but crystal clear, impact-resistant glass platform. Accented with chrome to create an elegant, designer look, this scale is a pleasure to step onto!

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image of Scale Weight Watchers Body Fat Precision Electronic Scale - WW33

With single load cell system technology with microprocessor-controlled accuracy, this Weight Watchers Scale guarantees precision performance and reliability over time.

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Image of Scale Weight Watchers Glass Memory Precision Electronic Scale – WW43

This Weight Watchers scale has an elegant glass design that fits any décor. It records start weight, calculates goal weight, tracks last weight, and displays the difference between start, last, goal and current weight for 4 users. Plus, the leveler feature keeps the user from “cheating” by shifting weight.

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