“Less tracking is fabulous!”

WW member and coach Lauren shares why she's loving New WW Your Way+.
"Weight Watchers has taught me about healthy food options and what portion control is all about."

Name: Lauren Hilton
Weight loss on New WW Your Way+: Maintaining
Weight loss on previous program: 32.6kg in 6 months
Was: 95.8kg | Now: 63.2kg
Height: 169cm | Age: 31
Method: Group Coaching at Toowoomba, Qld, with Coach Narelle Nolan-Shore

Lauren's meetings is in: Toowoomba and Highfields, QLD
Find Lauren on WW 'Connect': @lozie86



Why did you join Weight Watchers?

The first time was way back eight years ago - I was eating an entire pizza to myself (my sister had hers too!). We looked at each other and said, “Yep, it’s time to do something!”


What did you learn on the WW program?

Weight Watchers taught me so much about healthy food options and what portion control was all about. I knew I wasn’t eating well, but realising just how much I was (over) eating blew my mind!


What changes did you make towards your eating?

I increased my fruit and vegetable intake - I basically never ate them! – and my sister and I started limiting our ‘cheat meals’ to once a week rather than every other night.



Any funny moments from your journey?

I hadn't realised how much confidence I got back until my Coach said to me, “My god, Lauren, you never stop talking!” I remember thinking, “Wow, yes, the ‘old’ me is back!”

You’re now a WW Coach – what do you love about it?

I had tried so many other weight-loss programs that just never worked so losing nearly 35kg on WW was amazing! I love that I am helping people from all walks of life find themselves again and rebuilding their confidence and self-love.


What do you love about the New WW Your Way+ program?

In the two months since starting, I’m losing my post-baby weight with so much flexibility. I can eat foods I love whenever I want – some of those are zero Points® foods and others aren't, but I have the ability to choose. There’s so much more variety in what I eat, which I love. And sometimes it can be hard to find the time to track, so tracking less has been fabulous.



How do you use zero Points foods?

I use them to bulk up my meals with protein and have extra protein-based snacks. I love having a salad for lunch with chicken and eggs as well as finishing off a hard day with some beautiful salmon. It’s all such healthy and delicious fuel for my body!


Are weekends easier, too?

Yes! Rolling over some Points from during the week means I know I’ve eaten well throughout the week and that having some time off on the weekend to splurge means I won’t be undoing all my hard work.


What indulgences do you splurge on?

Too many to list! But I don’t feel guilty eating them on WW Your Way+. For example, I had a fresh cream doughnut this week and still lost 1.1kg! 


What are your favourite WW meals?

I’m obsessed with salmon and fresh salad including corn! All 0 SmartPoints®, so I add some bocconcini and olives, and I feel like a queen! 


How are you moving more?

I try to exercise three times a week - nothing serious but I love going for walks with my daughter.



Have you had any pleasant surprises on WW Your Way+?

That I’m losing weight!  It’s been almost two years since I fell pregnant with our first child. I was 75kg when I fell pregnant and 110kg when I gave birth! In the two months on WW Your Way+ I’ve come back into the 70s very easily.

JUST DO IT! Weight Watchers is the best thing for you and your body.


Lauren’s three favourite things about WW Your Way+

1. Choice. I can eat the foods I love whenever I want – some are zero Points – and some aren't but I have the ability to choose.
2. Variety. I’m eating much more of a variety of foods, which I love.
3. Less tracking. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to track, so tracking less is fabulous.