“I wanted to lose a few more kilos, and they were easier to shift on WW Your Way+.”

WW member and coach Karen shares why she's loving WW Your Way+.
"Maintaining my weight has never been easier and I’m never hungry."

Name: Karen Rossiter
Weight loss on WW Your Way+ Lost 1kg in 2 weeks
Weight loss on previous program: 16 kg in 6 months 
Was: 71kg | Now:  55kg
Height: 155cm | Age: 53
Method: Group Coaching with Alison Jones Mt Annan, NSW

Join Karen's meetings: Abbotbury, Mt AnnanMortdale and Campelltown NSW
Find Karen on WW 'Connect': @karenlesley17
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Why does Weight Watchers work for you?

My mindset was right when I first started – I was determined to stick to the program and get back to a size 6. The meetings were a huge motivation, and I did what I now tell my members to do: “Head down, bum up, and just do it.”


How did you reward yourself along the way?

With new clothes, new clothes, and did I mention new clothes?!


Beyond fitting into new clothes, what have you discovered about yourself?

I have more energy, my lymphoedema (swelling of the limbs that can develop after cancer treatment) is under control, and I found a new hobby: cooking. I never knew how to cook before, and couldn’t ever think of what to cook, so takeaway always seemed easier. Now I love trying new recipes, and whenever a new Weight Watchers cookbook comes out I make everything in it from cover to cover.  


What do you love about cooking healthy meals?

My biggest inspiration is my kids. I love it when my son rubs his belly after a great meal I’ve cooked, or my daughter leaves post-it notes saying how awesome her meal was.   

Karen cooking  dinner from WW cookbooks
"Before WW I didn’t know how to cook: now I love trying new recipes."
Karen with her members at dance fit

What are your go-to meals?

Thai chicken burgers are a firm family favourite.


Are you ever hungry?

On WW Your Way+, maintaining my weight has never been easier and I’m never hungry. There’s so much freedom and choice with food.


What are your favourite zero Points® foods?

Salmon is a favourite and eggs are fantastically versatile: you can create so many things with eggs. If I ever go over my daily SmartPoints® Budget, it’s easy to reach for zero Points foods.


Are you feeling any different on WW Your Way+?

I wanted to lose a few more kilos and they were easier to shift on WW Your Way+.


Can you talk us through your weekly exercise routine?

I walk the dog every day – if he’s lucky I’ll run part of the way – and I do DanceFit twice a week: it’s the best exercise ever. I go straight from my Weight Watchers meetings and drag along some of the other ladies. After our Saturday morning meeting I go to a boot camp especially designed for WW ladies by a young personal trainer. Then on Sunday mornings I walk along a 7km bike track with my members.

Why do you love being a Weight Watchers Coach?

I love the inspiration I’m giving everyone, and I take time to interact individually with those members who I think need it, either via a private Facebook message or a phone call. It’s great to see how happy you’ve made someone. It’s the most rewarding job.