“ WW Your Way+ is a lifestyle you can follow forever”

WW member and Coach Jade shares why she's loving WW Your Way+.
"People can’t believe how I look the way I do with all the food I eat!"

Name: Jade Zuccala
Weight loss on WW Your Way+Maintaining
Weight loss on previous program: 34kg in 18 months
Was: 87.2 kg | Now: 53.1kg
Height: 162cm | Age: 27
Method: 1 on 1 Coaching with Sheryl Enright at the Highpoint Lifestyle Centre, Vic, and Group Coaching with Carol Fraresso at Westmeadows, Vic.

Join Jade's meetings: Reservoir, VIC
Find Jade on WW 'Connect': @jade_1990
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Jade then and now

What prompted you to lose weight?

When I received my work uniform for beauty adviser at Priceline, the size 16 pants were too tight. At that moment, I knew something had to change. I chose Weight Watchers after reading stories in the WW magazine of people my age who had succeeded on the program: I knew it could be achievable for me, too.


What motivated you along the way?

My big motivation was knowing how I felt when I had been losing, as opposed to how I felt when I started. I never wanted to feel like I did when I couldn't fit into clothes.


Why do you love the WW program?

I still ate what I loved. I made meals, like burgers and chips, healthier by using chicken breast or tenderloins instead of meat. Now that these cuts of chicken have 0 SmartPoints® on WW Your Way+ means it’s even better!


What are you loving about WW Your Way+?

The colour and variety on my plate! I’d never eaten chickpeas before and these days I’m eating  lots of lentils, peas and corn – foods that now have zero Points®. One of my new favourite recipes is the sweet potato and chickpea patties.

When members and friends see my Instagram feed, they can’t believe how much I can eat and look the way I do. My main meals are packed with zero Points foods as they keep me satisfied plus I don’t need to snack as much. I save my rollover SmartPoints for desserts, which I love. 


What is your favourite dessert?

I’ve adapted Sarah van Dyke’s Nutella Muffins with dates and banana, using Nuttvia instead of Nutella as it has less sugar and fat. I have them every night with Halo Top Ice-Cream.

Jade making muffins

How does WW Your Way+ help you through weekends?

You can enjoy unexpected social occasions without derailing your weight loss efforts. The system of rolling over unused SmartPoints  ans saving them up means there’s more flexibility when going out.


How do you use zero Points foods?

I’m loving making pasta-based meals that are quick and easy. It’s now easy to keep the SmartPoints fairly low by using zero Points proteins such as turkey mince and bulking them up with lots of vegies.

Jade enjoying her freshbox dinner

What do you like about the WW app?

My favourite feature of the WW app is the recipe builder. I can customise recipes if I don’t have, or like, an ingredient. I love that I can type ‘chicken breast’ into the search field and every recipe with chicken breast comes up.


How do you feel after 12 weeks on WW Your Way+?

Although I’ve been maintaining my weight for three years, this is the healthiest I’ve felt in years. I've got more energy and I sleep better, and I don’t feel any deprivation. This program is a lifestyle you can follow forever!  

Jade enjoying walking