“WW Your Way+ gives me lots of options when I’m out and about.”

WW member and Coach Fiona shares why she's loving WW Your Way+.
"I easily lost 3.5kg that had snuck on during extended holidays. "

Name: Fiona McWilliam 
Weight loss on WW Your Way+
3.5kg in 6 weeks
Weight loss on previous program: 20kg in 12 months
Was: 82.9kg | Now: 61.9kg 
160cm | Age: 40
Method: Group Coaching in Mount Annan, NSW

Join  Fiona's meetings: Bowral, Mount Annan and Campbelltown, NSW
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Fiona then and now

What was your 'aha' moment to join Weight Watchers? 

Turning 40! I felt tired, sluggish and down in the dumps.


How did WW help transform your lifestyle?

I learned I was eating far-too-big portions of food and lots of sweet treats. To stay motivated, I went to every Weight Watchers meeting and talked to my Coaches.


What did you start eating, and enjoying, that you never thought you would?

Lentils, beans and natural yoghurt.


How do you move more?

I'm an active mum - always busy and on the go - but I'd become lazy. Now I walk everywhere and make extra time for going walking and running, especially during my lunch breaks. I find time to go to the gym, too. 


What do you love most about WW Your Way+?

The freedom to eat without having to think so much. I feel fuller from eating better, more filling foods. I feel full for longer and look for less snacks. I’ve noticed my digestion is better, too. Plus, there are lots more options when I’m out and about.


Fiona enjoying a beach walk


How are you incorporating zero Points® foods? 

I bulk up salads with lentils, corn, peas and tinned beans. All my chicken recipes use breast only now, and I’ve been trying more dishes with turkey. Yoghurt is my go-to breakfast and snack, too.


Have you lost weight on the Your Way+ program?

I easily lost 3.5kg in 6 weeks that had snuck on while enjoying extended holidays. Overall, it’s easier to maintain my weight on WW Your Way+.


How does the app make it easy to follow the program? 

It’s at your fingertips 24/7. Recipes; food advice; it’s all there immediately!


How has your mindset changed?

I’m so much happier and I feel positive about food. I'm a good role model for my little boy, friends and family, and I'm a better partner and friend. I’ve got my life back!