“WW Your Way+ steers you towards good-for-you foods”

WW member and coach Carolyn Eltakchi shares why she loves WW Your Way+.
"WW Your Way+ is for anyone NOT wanting to drastically change their lifestyle. "

Name: Carolyn Eltakchi
Weight loss on WW Your Way+: 2.5kg in 5-6weeks
Weight loss on previous program: 23kg in 18 months
Was: 79.8kg | Now: 58kg
Height: 153cm | Age: 43
Time at goal: Eight years
Method: Group coaching in Carlingford, NSW

Carolyn's meetings: Castle Hill, NSW Australia 
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Carolyn then and now

How did your weight-loss journey begin?

For 10 years I was in the ‘overweight’ bracket and just didn’t feel right. My niece – 11 years old at the time – was sick of hearing me whinge about it, and said, ‘Suck it up princess – get on with it!’ It made me realise that if anything needed to change, it had to come from me.

What do you like about the WW community?

At Weight Watchers Group Coaching, people just “got me”. I made friends and that community kept the ball rolling. Now that network has extended via 'Connect' on the Weight Watchers app, which is incredible. I never log off 'Connect' without happy tears!

Carolyn  with her members at welcome week

How does WW Your Way+ stack up?

I've maintained my weight for nine years but I've loved being on the new program. It’s the most flexible program, yet! With more than 200 zero Points®  foods, it’s simpler than ever. WW Your Way+ steers you in the direction of good-for-you, filling foods. Not only do you have the freedom of choosing so many foods, you also don’t have to worry about tracking them.


Why do you recommend the program?

If you don’t want to 'diet', this is for you - and there’s so much science behind it. Weight Watchers has never been about dieting, and this program demonstrates that now more than ever. WW Your Way+ gives you freedom and flexibility, and is for anyone not wanting to drastically change their life.

Carolyn  joining in the WW color run squad

Does the program make eating out easier?

Going out feels more relaxed. With items like salmon and chicken having zero Points, you have a good go-to list for what you can easily eat off a restaurant menu.


Have you experienced other health benefits?

Your body thanks you when you put the right fuel in the tank. I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome but haven’t had any bloating since starting WW Your Way+. My skin and nails are healthier, too.


What's the best thing about the WW app?

Being able to scan the barcode of a product for the SmartPoints® before it makes its way into the trolley is a winner. We all know an item can make or break the budget – financial and SmartPoints, so this is amazing!


What’s your favourite food?

Chocolate. I love the Weight Watchers Chocolate Pretzels [available at Weight Watchers group meetings or the online shop which I have with a cup of tea in bed most nights.

Carolyn celebrating her before and now