“On WW Your Way+ I've lost 6.6kg in 7 weeks.”

WW member and Coach Aileen shares why she's loving WW Your Way+.
"I’m feeling leaner, stronger and more focused. Plus, I’m sleeping really well. "

Name: Aileen Cahill
Weight loss on  WW Your Way+6.6kg in 7 weeks
Weight loss on previous program: 26.8kg in 23 weeks 
Was: 93.4kg | Now: 66.6kg
Height: 168cm | Age: 42
Method: One-on-one coaching with WW Coach Stephanie

Aileen then and now

What kick-started your weight-loss journey with Weight Watchers?

My fortieth birthday was approaching, and I didn’t want to celebrate feeling and looking anything less than my best. I’d recently had my fourth baby and knew I wouldn’t be having any more children – in the past I’d always used the excuse: ‘I’ll only put all the weight back on when I’m pregnant again’.

I was very self-conscious about my weight and lacked confidence. While I kept relatively active, I was carrying too much excess weight to train effectively. I felt very tired and worn out at the end of every day and usually relied on a glass of wine or two to wind down. And despite being exhausted, I slept poorly.

A friend at my gym mentioned she was going to the WW Lifestyle Centre in our local Myer, and I loved the sound of the one-on-one consultations where I could book a time that suited me each week. With four children and lots of commitments, this was so convenient.


How do you stay on track?

I was determined to become the best version of myself. I flicked that switch in my head and resolved to achieve my goal. As a mum you’re constantly putting your family’s needs first and your own last, but I’m really organised so I planned to ensure I always had time to train and meal prep every day, without letting my other commitments slip. I prioritised my daily workouts and these fast replaced that daily glass of wine to become the mental release I needed to cope with stress. You can’t beat the feel-good endorphins a great workout gives you!

I switched up my eating patterns too, to be as nutritious as possible and tracked – always! – absolutely everything, including licks, sips and tastes while baking with my kids.


How do you move more?

Although I went to the gym a few times a week, my poor eating patterns meant I was still overweight. When I began WW and focused on, I upped the ante and started training daily. My fitness is excellent now – having so much less of me to lug around means I can train harder. I do a variety of cardio, weights sessions and classes at my gym, I go to a fabulous Spin studio (shout out the fabulous Scenic Cycle in Manly, NSW!) once a week, and I’ve recently added F45 training to the mix to shake things up a little. It’s amazingly motivating – tough, but so rewarding.

I also incorporate incidental activity into most things I do, from hanging out the laundry or washing the car to parking my car a walk away from the shops.

Aileen and her son


What are you loving most about  WW Your Way+?

That it prioritises clean, whole foods by offering so many healthy zero Points® foods go-to options. It perfectly suits the way I eat – a lot of chicken, eggs, and fresh fruit and vegies. So much of my daily food intake is now made up of zero Points foods!

I’m feeling stronger and more focused. Plus, I’m sleeping really well. And in the first 7 weeks, I’ve lost 6.6kg.


Have you made any simple swaps?

I’ve switched my daily coffee to a double shot espresso which is zero Points and gives me the big kick I need to get through the day!


What’s your favourite snack?

I make my own protein ‘bliss balls’ with Medjool dates, nuts, and raw cacao, and treat myself to one each day. A lovely chocolatey, nutty hit!


How are you using zero Points foods?

I prioritise zero Points foods at each meal, whether at home or out. I view food as fuel and I don’t want to consume ‘empty’ calories that have little or no nutritional value. 

How has your mindset changed?

I feel like I’ve won the lottery! I feel so positive and happy and am so much better able to cope with everyday stresses. As well as being Mum to four young children, I work and study, so it can be hard juggling everything. I use the daily feel-good buzz of exercise and healthy eating to make me feel great and keep stress at bay.

What was it like starring in the WW TV ad?

Fun! It was great to meet other Coaches and members, and be pampered with professional hair, make-up and styling.

Learn from Aileen


Follow Aileen’s top tips for healthy living.

• Tracking is essential.
It’s easy to under-estimate what you’re eating and drinking so it’s important to track every single thing and keep tabs on how many Points you’ve consumed. Weigh or measure your portions when you start out to be sure you’ve got a correct understanding of ideal portion sizes.

• You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.
That said, exercise is vital – the fitness and the endorphins I get from exercising make me feel fabulous and help ensure I don’t go undoing all of my hard work by making poor food choices.

• Have solid support from family and friends.
My husband and kids were 100 per cent behind me and loved sharing my journey. Their constant praise and encouragement conveyed how proud they were of me and meant I never felt guilty about going to a gym session.