Create healthy Christmas traditions

Follow our tips for making Christmas a fun and healthier celebration.
Published 2 December 2018

7 Christmas day traditions


This year adopt a new healthier tradition that you can continue for years to come. Here are a few ideas to get started in time for this Christmas.


1. Go for a family walk


After opening presents, head outside for a walk around the neighbourhood. If you’ve got little ones, tell them you’re looking for Santa’s sleigh. (You never know what you might find!)


2. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast


You know you’ve got a big day of celebrating ahead, so make sure your breakfast is healthy. Try a fruit salad with yoghurt, poached eggs on toast with spinach, or a bowl of muesli to set you up for the day ahead. Check out our healthy breakfast recipes for inspiration.


3. Go for a swim after lunch


Find time during your busy Christmas Day to go for a dip. Maybe you can hit the beach first thing in the morning or find time at the end of your busy day to unwind. Either way, a dip in the ocean or backyard pool is the ideal way to squeeze in some fun activity.


4. BYO plate


Parties, parties, parties means food, food, food! Make your choices easier by bringing your own salad and dessert – helping your host and your health! Try one of our party perfect recipes.


5. Give your guests the leftovers


If you’re hosting on Christmas Day, keep containers handy for doggy bags when your visitors leave to minimise mindless eating with all the leftovers.


6. Track ahead for Christmas day


We know that deprivation can lead to overeating, so track ahead and factor in your favourite foods and drinks. Plan ahead how many drinks you'll have and spread them out over the day. Feel like something sweet for Christmas day? Check out our Christmas dessert ideas.


7. Seek inspiration during the festive season


Check out WW Connect for inspiration from fellow WW Members and if you're a Studio Member, keep attending your WW Workshops. You’ll always find great gems of advice to fuel your motivation!