6 ways to cut back on alcohol

Here's 6 ways to go booze-free and it might be just what your body needs.

Heath benefits of going alcohol free


According to Dry July Australia, having a month off alcohol has great health benefits, such as sleeping better, having more energy and of course, no hangovers! Not only is it the alcohol in these beverages that increases your SmartPoints® intake, it can be the food choices that alcohol consumption makes you crave afterwards. In addition to the higher SmartPoints intake, here are just some of the effects alcohol can have on our bodies.


What happens to your body when you drink?

What happens when you drink


6 ways to cut back on booze


1. Find another wind-down ritual

If you often open a bottle of wine in the evening, break the habit by taking a walk, read a book or drinking a cup of tea.


2. DIY lemonade

Satisfy the sweet and tart craving that wine creates, by making DIY low-sugar lemonade.


3. Change venue

If a certain group of people or occasion always ends up boozy, steer clear of them – or suggest doing something different, like seeing a movie or going out dancing.


4. Do the maths

Add up how much you’d spend on alcohol if you drank at your normal rate and see what else you could buy with it at the end of the month.


5. Cheat it

Hold a drink that looks like it’s alcohol – try soda water with a slice of lemon, or a non-alcoholic beer like Bitburger Drive 0% alcohol – it might stop people from hassling you to ‘have a proper drink’.


6. Miss the rounds

If you’re meeting friends in a bar, tell them you’ll be 20 minutes late. That way, you won’t get caught into rounds and can buy your own non-alcoholic drink.


Plus, if you’re a regular drinker, giving up alcohol comes with other extra added benefits including being one of the best beauty treatments you’ll ever have. You’ll sleep better, your skin will clear up and soon you’ll start to look bright-eyed and have more energy.

We’ve  put together the chart below which helps put alcoholic drinks into perspective. So if you are going to enjoy some boozy drinks, make sure you factor them into your Budget.

SmartPoints in alcohol

Research published in The Lancet puts alcohol at the top of the abused-substances list, beating heroin, crystal meth and cocaine.