10 ways to de-clutter your life

Feeling flustered and all over the place? It’s time to cull the clutter! Do it and you might even find it easier to focus on your weight-loss goals.

How to spring clean your life


1. Pick a room in the house and give it a spring clean. Get rid of what you don’t need or use. If you have piles of old magazines lying around, toss them in the recycle bin.

2. Sick of emptying brochures and pamphlets out of your letterbox? Place a ‘no junk mail’ sticker on your letterbox.

3. Do you have half-used jars of condiments that look like they’re growing legs in your fridge? Before they walk themselves to the bin, clear out the back shelves and toss out-of-date items.

4. If you can’t go a day without missing your three favourite reality TV shows, it’s time to cull back. Stop committing yourself to too much TV.

5. If you have items collecting dust in your closet, instead of letting them waste away, place them in a plastic bag and run them to your nearest charity clothes bin.

6. Checking your Facebook or Twitter account every few hours can really clutter your day. It doesn’t matter if you miss your friend’s status update about their new shoes. Limit your log-ons.

7. Keep a small diary handy. This way when appointments or celebrations come up, you can write them down and keep track instead of storing the info in your head.

8. Does your home office have a paper stack that could rival the leaning tower of Pisa? Throw out old files from five years ago and only keep what you need.

9. If you’re driving around more rubbish in your car than passengers, it’s time to cull the trash. Place empty drink bottles in the recycle bin and remove the badminton set that you never use, from the back seat.

10. Time to make your ‘eating zones’ clutter-free. Why? Research proves that dining while you’re surrounded by mess and clutter encourages you to eat more than you normally would.