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Nourish Your Body With Good Food

Fall In Love With Real Food Again

What we eat is at the heart of life, so we coach you on building a positive and lasting relationship with real food. Our Program reflects the latest in nutrition science and we assign every food with a ProPoints® value. It takes into account how your body processes food and nudges you toward healthier options. We'll give you a personal food budget to stick to, and you'll learn how to make healthier choices without having to give anything up.

Tools to help you Track

When you join, you'll get access to our tracking tools. This meals you can log onto our Plan Manager from your desktop computer, or download our mobile app to track at any time from anywhere. All it takes is a click or tap to log each item you eat.

Meal planners and recipes

We've got over 5,000 recipes to share with you, including our member recipe swap and meal planners to help you get started. We cater to all dietary preferences so no matter how you like to eat, we've got you covered.

No required foods

There are no foods you have to eat and nothing is off limits. It's all about learning how to have a healthy relationship with real food, so you can still enjoy wine or chocolate in moderation. It's all about balance!

Cooking videos

Our Senior Food editor Lucy Kelly shows you how to throw together simple meals from breakfasts to dinners.  When you get started, we'll show you how to clean out your fridge and pantry so you're set up for weight loss success.




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