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Our new FitPoints™ system is exactly what it sounds like: points for getting moving. Together we’ll set you a personalised weekly FitPoints™ goal to strive for. Start exercising and you’ll start accumulating FitPoints™ based on activity type, duration, intensity, your weight and gender. Whether it's a stroll around the block or getting your groove on in a Zumba class, the more you do the more FitPoints™ you’ll earn. Getting out there and hitting this goal will help with your health, weight and how you feel on the inside. . If you’re not used to exercise, start small and work your way up. Anything is better than nothing. Your FitPoints™ goal will change over time as you get fitter and squeeze more activity into your daily life.

Fitness Plans

Take our quiz and we'll find a fitness plan option that suits your goals. From getting started to toning up with weights or training for a 10km run, we'll show you what to do each day over the duration of the plan.

Video demos and workouts

Not too sure how to perform certain moves? Our video demos will ensure you've got perfect form. We've also got a quick workouts that only require a set of stairs or stationery bike for an awesome workout!

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