Victoria got her ‘me’ back on myWW

Victoria joined WW to lose her ‘baby weight’ and reclaimed her confidence and sense of self along the way.

Victoria’s ‘why’

“When you have young kids it’s easy to lose some of your identity, but since joining WW I feel like me again, which has boosted my confidence and self-worth. Plus, I’ve got so much more energy and that makes it easier to keep up with my little ones. So, my WW journey is both for me and my family.”

Q & A with Victoria

3 reasons WW works for Victoria
The inclusivity

“Some weight loss programs can be quite antisocial, but not myWW. You never feel separated or different from anyone just because you’re on a weight loss journey.”

The simplicity

“There’s nothing time consuming about myWW. I eat exactly the same food as my family so I never have to prepare multiple meals. And at WW, it’s all about real food.”

The recipes

“There are so many to choose from and they’re totally delicious. My husband can never tell that he’s eating a WW recipe – there’s nothing ‘diet’ about them.”