"Feeling confident is my biggest achievement"

A desire to be healthy and happy for her family gave Mary Chivers the motivation to lose 14kg.

Mary's weight loss story

Name: Mary Chivers
Weight loss on previous program: 14kg
​Weight loss ​on Your Way+: maintaining goal
Was: 70kg | Now: 56kg
Height: 156cm | Age: 49
First time to get to goal: 9 months
Twelve years later: 9 weeks
How she did it: Group Coaching with Jan Thompson and Joanne Khamis at Hornsby, NSW

Instagram: mc_andherbrownhound


Then & Now 

mary then now


"Being healthy and happy for my husband and kids is what motivates me."

I found comfort in food


As an active child and teenager, Mary Chivers never really thought about her weight.  But as the years passed by,  she turned into a self-proclaimed couch potato. “I was just eating in front of the TV and didn't want to do anything. I felt lazy and had no motivation,” says Mary, 49.

But it wasn't really laziness that caused Mary’s weight gain. She was grieving the  loss of her parents and finding comfort in food. “I lost both my parents and grandmother within six years of each other and found I did a lot of emotional eating due to the stress and grief,” says Mary.


TV trigger moment


Ironically, it was when Mary was watching TV that she experienced her ‘trigger moment’. “I saw an ad  for Weight Watchers and thought ‘That’s worth a try’,  so I took myself along to a meeting,” she says.

Mary enjoyed the first meeting and, once she set her goal, there was no stopping her. She was completely driven to achieve it – for herself and for her family. Being healthy and happy for my husband, Craig, and my children – Curtis, 10, and Veronica, 8 – is what motivates me,” says Mary.


Staying motivated


“I try not to have any junk food in the house so I’m not tempted when my willpower is waning. And when I feel  that I need a motivation boost,  I try to get out and about,”  says Mary.

Mary’s physical activity of choice is walking, whether it be walking her dog, bushwalking or water walking. “We have a pool in our backyard so I swim and walk through the water.  I also enjoy bike riding and ice-skating,” she says.


mary swimsuit happy


Swimsuit confidence


“I can wear a swimsuit  with pride now! I was always embarrassed by my body, and now I can wear a one- or even two-piece swimsuit. I feel confident – that’s my biggest achievement with losing weight. And I’ve managed to maintain it too, so I’m proud of that,” says Mary who has been at her Goal weight for just over two years.


Loving the New WW Your Way+ program


The best thing about the New WW Your Way+ program is the freedom it provides. When it comes to what she eats, Mary likes the variety of the WW recipes and enjoys making her favourites for her family.

“Asian pork salad cups are great during warmer weather and  I also love the one-pan roasted mustard ginger gish with greens. For dessert, I like vanilla poached pears,” she says. “There are plenty of zero Points® food options, and go-to foods for when you’re hungry and don’t want to go for something unhealthy.

Eating out is easy, too. I can have  a beautiful grilled salmon or prawns and I’ll still be on track.  Nothing is off limits. If you want to have a glass  of wine, you can,” she says.  


"Nothing is off limits. If you want to have a glass  of wine, you can,"


More freedom with zero Points foods 


Mary also loves that she can enjoy her favourite treats on  the program. “I do love my cheese!” she says. “I’ll have cheese spread on a corn thin.  If I want a chocolate fix, I have  a hot chocolate.”Mary incorporates as many zero Points foods as possible, such as eggs, yoghurt, fish, legumes, fruit and vegetables. She uses the app to track food with SmartPoints® values to  help her stay on track. “It’s very simple – on busy days, I like to plan ahead by putting all my food in the app  at the start of the day. At the end of the day, I just check it  or add anything I’ve eaten  and not tracked. The barcode scanner is great, so I can work out what’s high in SmartPoints at the supermarket before I buy anything.”

mary running and gardening

50 and fabulous


Now that she is at her Goal weight, Mary wants to maintain it for the rest of her life. “My 50th birthday is coming up so I’m dreaming of a trip  to Hamilton Island!” she says. With her incredible achievement, there is certainly a lot to celebrate.


Mary’s 3 top tips for success

1. Keep moving, even if it’s just a walk at lunch. It not only keeps you fit, it boosts your mood, too.

2.  Enjoy incorporating more rainbow-coloured foods into every meal. 

3.  Keep your fridge full of fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy so when you open it to snack there are lots of healthy choices.

3 things I love about WW Your Way+ program

1.  More freedom and  less stress! If I save  my Weeklies and rollover SmartPoints during the week,  I have the option to enjoy  a piece of cake and a glass  of wine on the weekend.

2.  I can eat out and still stay on track. I either order something that’s mostly zero Points, like  grilled salmon or chicken breast and vegetables, or  I can eat whatever else  I feel like and have a zero Points breakfast and/or dinner. The new program  gives you more flexibility.

3.  I love, love, love my ‘zero heroes’! There are so many ways my family can eat and enjoy them, and so much inspiration on the WW app. Knowing they are all healthy, wholesome foods and zero Points is truly amazing!