"From that very first meeting I knew WW would work for me."

WW Member Kerrie Bryant dropped six dress sizes and unleashed her inner athlete.

Kerrie's weight loss story      

Name: Kerrie Bryant
Weight loss: 23.5kg
Was: 81.5kg
Now: 58kg
Height: 153cm
Age: 54
How long it took: 2 years
How she did it: Group Coaching with Alison Jones and Lana Bently in Mount Annan, NSW

Then & Now

Kerrie's top tip: “Change one habit for the better every day.”

Meet Kerrie, our WW fitness model 

Modelling for fitness photo shoots isn’t as easy as it looks. Exercises need to be demonstrated perfectly several times over. You need to speed them up, slow them down or hold positions without moving a muscle. But 54-year-old Kerrie Bryant makes it look easy. “I would never have imagined myself doing a shoot like this,” she says, bounding off the set.

Becoming an adventure junkie!

Kerrie would never have imagined herself abseiling, rock climbing, zip-lining or climbing Mt Kosciuszko either, but the assistant school principal and mum of three has done all this and more since losing 23.5kg and discovering her inner athlete.

“After each of my pregnancies my weight crept up a little more until I was a size 18,” she says. “I hated looking at myself back then and have deleted most of the photos of myself off my computer. I felt out of place everywhere and wore baggy clothes to cover everything up.”

Her first 5kg

Unfit and unhappy, Kerrie tried the ‘do-it-yourself’ weight-loss approach at home and managed to lose 5kg by avoiding treats and cutting down portion sizes. Then she hit a plateau and couldn’t budge the scales any further. “I was confused about what I should be eating. There’s a lot of conflicting health information out there. Should I eat low fat, low salt or give up sugar? The more I read the more confused I felt.”

Kerrie had a friend who had lost weight with Weight Watchers so she decided to give it a go. “From that very first meeting I knew WW would work for me. I followed the plan easily and in my first week I lost 1.9kg. It was so motivating.”

Discovering boot-camp

With the latest nutritional information and support now at her fingertips, Kerrie continued to lose weight. “I was happy to keep plodding along, slow and steady, until I reached my Goal weight.”

But something else happened that changed everything. A few months into the Program, Kerrie’s daughter, Alicia, 26, invited her mum to a boot-camp workout. “I didn’t know what to expect but I went along anyway,” says Kerrie. “That first session was really tough. I couldn’t do one sit-up or even lift my head off the ground!”

Boot-camp classes usually include an intense circuit of exercises, games and obstacle courses with different types of equipment. “I told myself, ‘You can only get better’ and decided to go every week. Even after Alicia left to try something else, I kept going.”

Already losing weight from following the Program, once Kerrie started weekly boot camp, her body shape began to change, too. “I could see my muscles. I was getting more toned, fit and strong. It felt great.”

She noticed other health benefits, too. Her blood pressure, which had always been high, dropped down to normal and the constant headaches she was having simply stopped.

Kerrie now does four hour-long boot-camp sessions a week. Her husband, Peter, 51, often joins her and they sometimes invite friends along, too. “Peter was hesitant at first but he loves it now and has lost 5kg from around his middle.”

Family support 

Not only is Peter Kerrie’s biggest supporter, but the Bryant children, who are all professional dancers, are a constant inspiration to their mum.

On the day of our shoot,  her two boys, William, 22, and Kieran, 19, were both touring the US with the Irish dance phenomenon Riverdance and Alicia was travelling around Australia with Celtic Illusion, an Irish dance and magic show.

“They’ve all danced since they were babies and I’m so proud of them,” says Kerrie. “It’s inspiring seeing how fit and healthy they are. When I go to weigh in, they all wait for my text telling them how I went. Whether I lose or gain, they always say something encouraging.”

What Kerrie learned about herself...

 “I’ve learned to eat well and stay healthy without feeling restricted.”

 “When you hit rock bottom there’s only one way up, so don’t beat yourself up.”

 “I’ve hung mantras all over my classroom at school: ‘You can do it’ or ‘Follow your dreams’. When the kids say they can’t do it, I tell them, ‘Yes, you can’ – I know it’s true because I did!”