“I’m happier, more energetic and I have more confidence.”

Losing weight and rediscovering her self-confidence was just the push Kellie Ollington needed to set the date!

Kellie's weight loss story

Name: Kellie Ollington
Weight loss: 24.5kg
Was: 97.9kg
Now: 73.4kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 29
How long it took: 13 months
How she did it: Group Coaching in Smithton, Tasmania, with Coach Alison Hanson

Then & Now


"I could never be bothered to do things with the kids. I used to just sit around all the time, which is funny because I hate doing that now!"


The beginning of my journey

There i was standing in my wedding dressing for a fitting. I'd started my weight-loss journey a year earlier at nearly 98kg and now I was only 1.5kg from Goal. The lady in the bridal shop said to me, ‘You don’t want to lose any more weight because we’ll have to take your dress in.’ It felt great! What a moment.


We set a date

My partner Zach, 28, and I were engaged for nine and a half years before we set a date to get married. The main things that stopped us were that our children were very young and the expense of hosting a wedding. But about halfway through losing the weight, I felt like it was the right time. I was feeling really good about myself so I said to Zach, ‘If we don’t set a date soon, we’ll keep putting it off forever.’ So we finally set a date, which was really motivating and made me even more determined to work towards my goal weight.


I wasn’t always overweight

In fact, when I was younger I played a lot of sport and I was in the Smithton Saints women’s basketball team. But when I started working as a hairdresser I found it too hard to keep up my sport, and over time I stopped competing and exercising. I’d actually joined WW years ago, but then fell pregnant with my son Carter, now 7. I joined again before I fell pregnant with my daughter, Willow, who is now 4. I put on a bit of weight with Carter, but with Willow I gained more than 20kg.


Being overweight was difficult

I was always lethargic and grumpy. I could never be bothered to do things with the kids. I used to just sit around all the time, which is funny because I hate doing that now! I knew it was time to make a change so I signed up to WW again.


No foods are off-limits

Tracking has been a major part of my weight-loss success. I like how no foods are off-limits. I just have to count the SmartPoints® and watch my portion sizes. The biggest thing I cut out was cordial and fizzy drinks. While my eating wasn’t terrible before WW, I do have a sweet tooth and used to crave things like chewy lollies, chocolate or biscuits after dinner. Now that I’m healthier I rarely think of having sweet snacks in the evenings.


Family fitness

To get in shape and earn FitPoints®, I started going to kettlebell classes twice a week. At first I struggled just to get through the hour, but now I’ve progressed from the 4kg weights to 12kg ones. I also have a cross-trainer at home that I use for 20-minute sessions several times a week, so I’m doing something active four to five days a week. Sport is big in our family – we’re at the football field almost every weekend. Zach and Carter love football and cricket, while Willow loves dancing. It’s important for children to be fit and have an active lifestyle – it’s good to teach them to enjoy sport while they’re young so they can carry it with them into adult life.


I feel beautiful

I’ve never thought of myself as beautiful, but these days I do feel beautiful, inside and out. I’m happier, more energetic and I have more confidence. I used to be shy and hold back in social situations, but now I’m more comfortable talking to new people. Getting in shape has inspired me to start a bucket list of things I want to do, like sightseeing around Tasmania. I also want to do the Tough Mudder, which is a 16-20km obstacle course where you do all sorts of physical challenges through the mud – sounds like fun!


We're closer than ever

My relationship with Zach has benefited from me getting healthy. It’s brought us closer and we’re rediscovering that attraction you have when you first get together. Even my friends have seen the change in both of us – we’re just happier. I used to look at people who’d lost weight and wish I could be like them. Here I am today – and I’ve done it!


3 Ways I feel beautiful

1. Looking at old photographs
When I first started losing weight, a lot of people said, ‘You’re not big anyway’, but when I look back I see I did have weight to lose. Looking at old photos makes me realise how far I’ve come.

2. Hugs from my son
I love it when Carter wraps his arms around my belly. He can actually hold his hands together now and he says, ‘Mum, you’re skinny now,’ which makes me feel pretty good.

3. Post-workout glow
I love the feeling I get after a workout. It produces all those happy hormones and makes me feel alive with energy.