"I ran my first half marathon."

Jennie Rayner underwent a complete lifestyle overhaul and lost 30kg. Today, she’s happier, healthier and more confident than ever.

Jennie's weight loss story

Name: Jennie Rayner
Weight loss: 30kg 
Was: 89.3kg
Now: 59.3kg
Height: 155cm
Age: 32
How long it took: 2 years
How she did it: Coaching at Oatley, NSW, with Coach Margaret Wilson. 

Jennie Rayner

“Being able to try new things has such a positive affect on my life.” 

I've changed old habits

All my favourite foods were bad for me – things like chocolate and fast food. But the main problem was my lack of portion control. I had a gym membership and was going to classes, but because of my poor eating habits and food choices, it didn’t make much difference to my weight. When WW Group Coaching started on the street where I live, it made the decision to join up very easy. My Coach, Margaret, is so positive and ‘can-do’, and whether I’ve lost, gained or maintained, I’ve never walked out of a meeting without a smile on my face, feeling totally inspired for the week. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

I love eating healthy food

I’ve really turned my life around and now I love eating healthy food. I try to incorporate lots of fruit and vegetables into every meal. I have three good meals a day plus some healthy snacks. I used to eat a lot of sandwiches – mostly just bread and cheese – out of habit and convenience. Now I have a lot of variety and I think that’s really key.

I've found a love for cooking

Beforehand my cooking style mostly involved a toaster! Learning to cook has been a big part of the Program and my husband loves it, too, because he gets proper meals now and has lost a few kilos himself. Now I love being in the kitchen and having fun experimenting with cooking. It’s been a big learning process.

Jennie Rayner

“I lost the weight but kept the carbs! Nothing’s off limits with Weight Watchers. The Program just helps you to find a happy and healthy balance.”

I mix up my workouts

I love to mix things up. I go running three to four times a week as I’m training for a half marathon. I ran my first half marathon in May and trained for six months beforehand. Crossing that finish line was an amazing achievement. I also do yoga most mornings at home, and I recently went rock climbing with a friend from work, which I loved. That was something I wouldn’t have been able to do when I weighed almost 90kg. Being able to say ‘yes’ to opportunities like that has had such a positive effect on my life.

Jennie Rayner

I love trying new things

I used to be so self-conscious; I’d never put myself in a situation of risk or do anything where I’d get attention. I’m a lot more confident and willing to try new things these days – and that’s been a gradual but amazing process. It’s even extending to things like taking more responsibility at work. I work at a library and have started doing group tours, which the ‘old me’ would never have had the confidence to do.

I cant wait for summer

I’m from Perth so I’m going home for the summer holidays and I’m really looking forward to it because there are a lot of people who haven’t seen the new, improved me yet! It’ll be great to wear nice bathers and not worry about having to cover up. It’ll be good to get home and see my family – they’ve been so supportive and are so proud of me.

Jennie Rayner

Jennie chooses fresh produce wherever possible. Her favourite way to start the day is with a wrap using mountain bread, ricotta, banana and berries.