"I'm happy, confident and have so much more energy."

Young mum Isabelle Exton has beaten depression and lost 16kg in 19 weeks.

Isabelle's weight loss story

Name: Isabelle Exton
Weight loss: 16.6kg
Was: 91.3kg
Now: 74.7kg
Goal weight: 
Height: 180cm
Age: 25
How long it took: 19 weeks
How she did it: Group Coaching with Janis Trigg in Mornington, Vic.

Then & Now
Isabelle before and now

"Mum is a WW Lifetime member and she swears by it."

Never happy with my body

From the age of 16 I felt like my life was out of control and I was never happy with my body. It was around that time that I started my hairdressing apprenticeship; I was working with a lot of other women and I was constantly comparing myself to others.

Young mum

At the age of 20, I fell pregnant with my son Xavier, who’s now four years old. My pregnancy wasn’t easy – I put on around 20kg – but I didn’t let it worry me. I thought that after my son was born I’d finally become fit and healthy so I could be a good role model. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The birth was quite traumatic; I had a fourth-degree tear and Xavier stopped breathing for a second at birth. I never thought that I could be depressed with a new baby – I brushed all the signs under the rug. My husband Aaron and my family tried to tell me, but I just got defensive. I wanted to be a supermum and thought I could do it all.

Turned to food for comfort

Late last year I was unhappy and unhealthy, but I had no idea where to start. When I was tired, stressed or anxious I’d turn to food for comfort. Eventually I saw my doctor and was prescribed antidepressants. I didn’t feel like they helped me and they also made me gain a lot of weight, fast. I was the biggest I’d ever been – 91.3kg. I knew I needed to make a change so I asked my mum for help. She’s a WW Lifetime member and she swears by it.

As it was something Mum did, I initially thought that WW was only for older people, plus I was scared to admit that I needed to lose weight, let alone stand on the scales in front of other people. I met my Coach, Janis, and she guided me throughout the whole journey. There have been some tears and plenty of cheers along the way and my mum has been a huge support – we go to meetings together.

Finding balance

I’m always on the go – as well as being a mum, I have a social life plus Mum and I own a hairdressing business, which keeps me very busy. Sometimes it’s hard to find balance; I don’t sit down a lot. My son has always been my number one priority, but being healthy is also right up there and once I started to see results, staying motivated was easy. I also have a lot of support from my mum and sister-in-law, who help look after Xavier.

At the beginning of the week, I do a big grocery shop so there’s always healthy food in the fridge ready to cook. I track throughout the week but allow myself to have Saturday nights off. It’s the one night of the week where I’ll eat anything I feel like for dinner and have some chocolate, too.

Isabelle Exton

Running is in my blood

I’m proud to call myself a runner. My dad’s a marathon runner and has always encouraged me to try it. I’ll never tell anyone that running is easy – it’s not. But, boy, is it worth it! I started walking for one minute, then running for one minute and slowly built up my fitness levels. I now have the ‘running bug’ I’ve heard people talk about and I run three nights a week.

Getting techy

The WW app is the best tool. I use it every day to find new recipes; Aaron is supportive and loves WW meals. The barcode scanner is really underrated – it takes the guesswork out of making choices. Sometimes I walk through the supermarket and scan the things I used to eat to remind myself not to fall back into old habits! Some of my friends still have the same perception of WW as I first did, but once I show them the app they’re so impressed at what it can do.

Isabelle Exton

New knowledge

I’ve always heard people say you should cut out gluten or stop eating bread. I eat bread every single day; I love it and I’ve still lost a lot of weight – it’s all about education and portion size. It’s crazy how much I’ve learnt about nutrition.

Now I’ve lost 16kg, I feel like a new person – I’m happy, confident and have so much more energy. I’m wearing things that I’d never dreamed of before. I’m a confident businesswoman, a mum and a wife and I’m also fit and healthy.