"There are no mistakes in life, only lessons"

WW member Georgia Turville's journey back to a healthy weight has definitely been worth the effort.

Georgia's journey to a healthy weight


Name: Georgia Turville 
Weight loss: 16kg
Was: 80kg
Now: 64kg
Goal weight: 60kg
Height: 165cm
Age: 30
How long it took: 8 years (on and off)
How she did it:  Weight Watchers Online




Then & Now​georgia turville lost 16kg then and now


Don’t save rewards for when you reach Goal because there are lots of steps you have to take along the way to get there.”. 

An ongoing journey

It’s been said there are no mistakes in life, only lessons. Georgia Turville is a good example of that. Georgia was 21 when she first joined Weight Watchers, mortified by her 21st birthday photographs and horrified to realise that since moving out of home and eating and drinking whatever she liked at university her weight had hit a “scary” 80kg. Realising she needed help, she joined WW Online. The idea was to still have fun while losing weight, and Georgia enjoyed both the advice and the peer support from the site’s Under 25 Young Slimmers’ Group. Unfortunately, Georgia started suffering crippling stomach pains. She discovered she’d destroyed her gut flora . “I was a shell of myself.” By December 2011, the Melbourne primary school teacher had restored her health and reached her Goal weight of 60kg. However, her maintenance plans fell apart just three months later when she and now-fiancé Ben, 31, decided to spend two years in Europe.

Europe was amazing- a little too amazing

"It was wonderful and amazing but I put on 20kg in about 18 months. It started slowly but then we did a five-week trip to Spain and Italy and I discovered sangria and put on six or 7kg on that trip alone. “The moment it hit me was when my parents came to visit. I was mortified that I was going to see my mum and I’d put on so much weight. I know she wouldn’t have cared but I just wanted to look really good.”

Saying goodbye to that 'scary' weight once and for all

Georgia attended a London WW group where she dropped 7kg and, since arriving back in Melbourne in 2014, has dropped another 7kg. “I went to meetings initially because I needed a kick up the backside but then I found my groove and went back to online. I like the simplicity of that and I think the Connect feature in the app is one of the best things WW has done. It’s nice to know other people are having bad days as well! Also I’m getting married at the end of October and there are other girls on there who are planning weddings so I especially love connecting with them. Connect is also good for encouraging maintenance, which is the hardest bit. You reach Goal and it’s amazing, but then what? You no longer have the gratification of weekly weight loss or having people congratulate you.”


Growing up and changing her mentality 


Georgia’s attitude to weight loss this time is completely different from her first attempt. That’s partly due to maturity, she says, but also to less rigid, more self compassionate thinking. “I don’t make it a big deal. If I want to have cake or go out to dinner I treat myself. If I want to take a couple of days off tracking to go to a wedding or party, I know I can reset and get straight back into it. “If I only lose a small amount, I stay positive and think: ‘But you did lose weight.’ If I have a gain, I don’t despair, I figure out why and remind myself I had a bottle of wine and a cheese platter on Friday night!”


georgia turville lost 16kg dog walking


Adorable walking buddy 

Ben, of course, loves Georgia whatever size she is, but is pleased to see her so happy. On her 30th birthday he made her even happier by giving her the best possible exercise partner – a Labrador puppy. “I’ve always wanted a dog because my main exercise is walking, but I don’t really enjoy walking by myself,” Georgia smiles. “Now I’ve got a little friend, Buddy . It’s very exciting.”