“I feel immediately energised after every boxing session.”

Carolyn ensured her kids were healthy, now she started making her health & fitness a priority, too.

Carolyn's weight loss story

Name: Carolyn Cole
Weight loss: 25.1kg
Was: 100.6kg
Now: 75.5kg
​Height: 175cm
Age: 41
How long it took: 18 months
How she did it: Group Coaching at Colac, VIC, with Coach Heidi Vickers. 

Then & Now​

Carolyn Cole


My 40th Birthday was drawing near

My weight was a problem – I knew that – I’m a nurse, after all! ­Things had to change. With four daughters – Scarlett, 10, Harriet, 8, Daisy, 6 and Clementine, 4 – I was always running around taking care of their needs and I never used to put myself first. But as my 40th birthday drew near, I decided it was time to make a change and prioritise me.

Writing everything down was an eye opener

I’d joined WW before, so I knew it worked. I liked that I didn’t have to cut out certain foods completely, and that I could have a meringue nest or some chocolate mousse with strawberries and still lose weight. What a win! When I started WW, I eased into the first week. I didn’t realise how much I was eating before! Writing down everything I put in my mouth really helped me keep track. It’s simple: you track and you lose. ­

I wasn't good at putting myself first

The biggest change for me was in my mindset. In hindsight I’d become a bit of a martyr. I thought part of being a ‘good’ mum meant always physically being there for the girls. I felt guilty doing anything at all for myself – even going for a walk. I had to start putting myself first, which I knew would ultimately benefit the whole family.

Carolyn Cole

"I had to start putting myself first, which I knew would ultimately benefit the whole family."

Now I love fitness and boxing!

My fitness has been through a massive overhaul. I went from doing nothing, thinking I didn’t like exercise and not even trying it, to absolutely loving it – boxing is one of my favourite things now! Five of my girlfriends and I joined the gym and because we were all a bit embarrassed, the instructor gave us our own private classes. We all encourage each other to keep going and try that little bit harder.

I don't need to Nanna nap anymore

When I get home after I’ve worked out I’m always in a much better frame of mind. I love the effect of all those endorphins. Even though I’ve switched up my routine and I get up a lot earlier than I used to, I have so much more energy at home and at work. When I used to stay at home with the girls I would need a nanna nap in the afternoon. I certainly don’t need that now – my energy levels are higher than ever before.

"My new-found love for getting moving has impacted my whole family. Now we regularly go for bike rides, walks, or for a swim together."

I've learned how to change my bad habits

Following the Program has also helped highlight some of my really bad habits. I used to put the kids to bed and go to the cupboard and I’d reach for sugar, lollies, chocolate or whatever I could find. Now that doesn’t happen at all – I’m much more aware when it comes to making food choices. I’m a farmer’s daughter so I grew up with big meals and eating everything on my plate, but now I’m more mindful, I recognise when I’m full and stop eating.

You have to realise that you are worth it!

Along the way my self-worth has increased and now I think, ‘Yeah! I’m worth it!’ I’ve realised that making time for myself is more than okay – it benefits everyone. We live in a small town, so when people started noticing my weight loss it gave me a boost and incentive to keep going. I particularly like it when people use the word ‘healthy’ as that was my goal – to become fit and healthy.

This isn’t just a ‘now’ thing – this is forever

I never, ever thought I’d become a Lifetime member. I thought if I lost 10kg that would be great, but I reached Goal 18 months after my first meeting and achieved Lifetime membership just before Christmas last year. I never would have been able to do it without the support of my coach Heidi and the new friends I’ve made through WW. I’m so much better off now – I’m not as emotional and don’t get as frustrated with the girls, and I feel a lot better about myself, which I’m sure benefits my relationship with my husband. Being able to dress how I want doesn’t hurt either! This isn’t just a ‘now’ thing – this is forever.

"I never would have been able to do it without the support of my coach Heidi and the new friends I’ve made through WW."

My husband Michael's thoughts...

“I love Carolyn’s new zest for life. I love that she’s happy with her achievements. I’m so proud of her for hitting her goals and maintaining them. It’s great that we can all go out and ride a trail or go for a run together. My favourite thing is that we’re getting active and feeling good as a family.”

The benefits of boxing

Boxing is definitely one of my faves. I like hittin’ it with a bit of gusto. Here’s why.

1. It makes me feel strong
“Boxing is a good way to see how strong your body is.”

2. It’s a great arm workout
“It’s the perfect exercise for keeping my arms toned.”

3. It gives a huge boost
“I feel immediately energised after a session.”

4. It’s fast and powerful
“There’s nothing like that feeling of achievement.”

5. I love the teamwork
“Hanging out with old and new friends at my boxing class is a great start to my day.”

Carolyn Cole

Carolyn's diet before and after

-Two pieces of toast with butter, peanut butter or jam, and a cappuccino.
Morning tea -Cheese and biscuits, lollies or chocolate.
Lunch- Two ham and cheese sandwiches with butter or baked beans on two pieces of buttered toast. Afternoon tea- A chocolate bar.
Dinner- A large serves of pasta with garlic bread. Late night Lollies or chocolate.

- 30g oats made with water, a banana and a skim cappuccino.
Morning tea -10 x rice crackers and 10 x raw almonds.
Lunch- Brown rice, tuna in springwater, cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucumber and a splash of soy sauce.
Afternoon tea- A skim cappuccino and a piece of fruit.
Dinner- Salmon and vegetables, or a small portion of pasta with a light sauce.
Late night- Greek yoghurt with a sprinkle of granola or fruit and a green tea.