"I keep up with my 6 grandchildren – it’s everything I dreamed of.”

After being diagnosed as a "heart attack waiting to happen", Angela shares how she lost 25kg and has kept it off for nine years.

Angela's weight loss story

Name: Angela Hewson
Weight loss: 25.6kg
Was: 91.5kg
Now: 65.9kg
Height: 163cm
Age: 55
How long it took: 13 months
How she did it: Group Coaching with Alison Jones and Angie Jodrell in Penrith, NSW

Then & Now

Angela then and now


Top tip: “Being prepared is one of the key ingredients to losing weight.”


A heart attack waiting to happen

When Angela Hewson pays a visit to her family doctor these days, he often tells her, “I can’t get over how good you look.” It’s a far cry from the words that came out of his mouth after Angela went to him for a check-up and a round of blood tests almost a decade ago. “He told me I was a heart attack waiting to happen,” she says. “I weighed more than 90kg, which put me in the morbidly obese category. When he said that it scared the living daylights out of me. I wanted to be able to see my children get married and have their own children. I wanted to experience being a grandparent.”


"I walked out of my Dr's office in shock and tears. I decided to try WW one more time, and haven’t looked back.”


Angela had tried losing weight a number of times before that visit and admits not sticking with it due to lack of interest and allowing ‘life’ to get in the way. “But that day was the last straw. I walked out of his office in total shock and tears. I decided to try WW one more time, and I haven’t looked back.”


Her first WW meeting

It was February 2008 when Angela walked up to the doors of a local WW meeting. “I was so scared. I was embarrassed by how much weight I’d put on. But, after the first couple of weeks, I realised I was in good company. I was not in an exclusive club. I met a gorgeous group of ladies, including my good friends Chris and Fran, who made me feel welcome, and it’s because of them I ended up staying at meetings.”

Angela Hewson


“You’ve got to be ready in your head and your heart before something becomes a real success.”


When she was at her heaviest, Angela was a different person. “I was always so sad,” she recalls. “I became such an introvert, which isn’t who I truly am.” She was ready for a change. “You’ve got to be ready in your head and your heart before something becomes a real success.”


Making time with a busy schedule

Angela works full time and commutes long hours, so preparation is key for her. “During the week, my day starts at 4am. I get up, I get ready for work, I catch the train and then – rain or shine – I get off a station early and walk the last 7km to the office. People think I’m crazy, but it’s my exercise, it’s me time. It’s just what I do.


"I get off a station early and walk the last 7km to the office."


“I remember going for my first walk after joining WW. We live across the road from a man-made lake and I could barely breathe after one lap – which was all I could manage. Now, I do 10km to 12km every day and it doesn’t faze me at all.”


Batch cooking and meal prep

With years of healthy eating now behind her, Angela knows what works for her. “You listen to your body and you get an idea of what works for you and what doesn’t. I’m a huge overnight oats fan. I prepare it at home, then take it to work and top it with yoghurt and fresh berries.”

She also makes dishes like zucchini slice and frittata on weekends to freeze and take to the office during the week, then she and her husband, Alan – her greatest source of support on her weight-loss journey – take it in turns to make dinner in the evenings. “We steam a whole heap of vegies and have them with steak, pork, lamb or fish – we make sure to mix it up so we’re never bored.”


Grandmother of six

She’s a busy grandmother, too, with six grandchildren aged eight and under. “My eldest son, Mitchell, is 35 and has three sons, and my youngest boy, Cory, 31, has three daughters,” she says. Whenever the youngsters come to visit their ‘Grampy’, it’s all go.

“We live close to a reserve, so when the kids come we’ll grab a soccer ball and go across the road and they’ll either ride their bikes or we’ll kick the ball around together. If the grandchildren are staying with me for a couple of days, I’ll park the car somewhere central in town, then we’ll walk everywhere. I’m not very popular by the end of it, but they can manage!”


"I can keep up with my grandchildren – it’s everything I dreamed of and worked towards.”


Maintaining goal weight for 9 years

In nine years, Angela has completely changed her lifestyle and the benefits have been plentiful and priceless. “My cholesterol got to a normal level for the first time in 30 years,” she says. “All I wanted was to live a healthier life so I can enjoy my family. I’m happier, I’m more confident, I can keep up with my grandchildren – it’s everything I dreamed of and everything I’ve worked towards.”


Angela's top tips

Angela’s nine years at Goal have taught her a thing or two. Listen up!

1 | Go to Meetings
“It’s the biggest step you can take. And stay, too! Extra insights from your Coach and other members can be gained by sticking around until the end.”

2 | Track your food
“That way, if you have a gain one week or fall off the wagon a bit, you can go back and see exactly what you’ve eaten and where you went wrong.”

3 | Educate yourself
“This is your opportunity to reshape your life. Find the foods and healthy habits that work for you and embrace them wholeheartedly.”