"Losing weight is more than just a physical experience"

Kermode lost her baby weight and has become a positive influence and healthy role model to her family.

Tina's weight loss story

Name: Tina Kermode
Weight loss: 30 kg
Was: 89 kg
Now: 59 kg
Height: 1.59 m
Age: 31

“ Losing weight is more than just a physical experience, it affects all of you. I had to change the way I thought about food, exercise and above all, the way I thought about myself. ”

Before and after

I'd become more of a beach ball than an hourglass

My youngest daughter was six months old and the scales had crept up a few kilograms since the initial pregnancy weight came off. My hourglass figure had morphed into more of a beach ball and I was devastated. I didn't recognise myself in the mirror or in photos – I felt like I was hiding in a fat suit.

I decided enough was enough

I'd previously used breastfeeding as an excuse to stay overweight, but I wanted this time to be different. I was ready to be ‘me’ again and in the process, become a better wife to my husband and a better, healthier mummy to my girls. I pulled out some photos of myself at my ideal weight, taken nearly four-and-a-half years earlier. I told myself that I'd done it before and I could do it again!

I missed out on family moments

I wish I’d taken my kids to the beach more, in the past. It's my favourite place in the world and home to many of my most treasured memories. But I avoided it when I was overweight, because I was so self-conscious. Even when we were there, I'd often be sitting on the sand, hiding under clothes, feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed. I can't wait to run on the sand and play in the water with my family this summer. I've already started shopping for swimwear!

My two biggest challenges

I'd joined Weight Watchers so many times in the past that I knew all the Coaches in my area! I'd have a couple of good weeks, then give up by my third week. Passing that point was a big milestone and helped me realise that I really could stick to the Program, make it my new way of life and achieve my Goal weight.

My second biggest challenge was letting my mind catch up to my body. Losing a substantial amount of weight is more than just a physical experience, it affects all of you. I had to change the way I thought about food, exercise and above all, the way I thought about myself. That part wasn't a one-off challenge – it was an ongoing thought process throughout my whole weight-loss journey.

I'm enjoying good nutrition

I've changed so much! I eat more than I ever used to, but I'm filling up on good, balanced food – with a few treats thrown in, of course! I've increased the amount of fruits and vegetables I eat. Prior to joining Weight Watchers I went days without eating fruit. Now my diet is full of colour, taste and nutrition!

The fittest I have ever been

I don't just exercise because I should, or to redeem myself from a weekend of binging. I exercise because I LOVE IT! I love how good I feel afterwards, I love the way that my muscles burn and I love the fact that I actually HAVE muscles now!

I now value my own worth

The biggest change I've made though is realising that my needs are a priority. It's easy to put yourself last when you're the mum of a big family, but I've learned that I am truly valuable. I am worth spending an extra five minutes preparing a healthy lunch for, rather than eating snack food. And it's okay for me to have a few hours of ‘me time’ a week to exercise. Actually, it’s not just okay, it's vital!

We've made changes as a family

We've drastically reduced the amount of takeaway food we eat. The staff at our local fast-food outlet used to recognise us and stop for a chat – how embarrassing! Now my children know that junk food is a ‘sometimes food’, rather than being part of our regular routine. I prepare the same evening meal for everyone too, not something different for me, so we’re all eating a lot better overall.

I love being a healthy role model to my kids

The biggest influence I hope that it has on my family though, is setting a healthy example for my children. I have vivid memories of my mum going on extreme diets and almost starving herself in the hope of being thinner. I hope my girls look at me and see a healthy, balanced, fun, fit and happy woman and that they aspire to live the same way.

My family and friends are now losing weight

I’ve lost count of how many people have joined Weight Watchers after seeing my success. A lot of my friends have joined over the past few months and they’re all doing really well. Most recently, my mum joined too! Most of my friends have chosen to weigh in on the same day as me and we regularly message each other to share the results of our week. It’s so nice being able to support one another through our journeys!

I have a Facebook weight-loss page

I started a Facebook page as a way to share my journey, stay accountable and offer encouragement to other people who are losing weight. It began with just a few friends, but has expanded quickly and now has hundreds of ‘likers’. Quite a number of my followers have contacted me to say that my weight-loss story has motivated them to join Weight Watchers too. It makes me so proud, because I really want to show other people that it can be done. I feel like I have this amazing group of people all over the country, who are following in my footsteps and encouraging me to stay on track as well.

I apply Weight Watchers Online to real life 

Weight Watchers worked for me because it's easy to apply to REAL life! It isn't a quick-fix magical solution. It's a maintainable, permanent lifestyle change. It worked because it taught me how to think for myself and learn how to make better choices. I'm not following a strict diet plan, drinking shakes or eating pre-prepared meals. I'm eating foods that I love and applying the skills that Weight Watchers has given me, by making wiser decisions in my lifestyle!