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The discovery that changed Peter’s food attitude

And it’s helped him stick to a healthy diet, without missing out on his favourite foods, ever since.
Published 10 February 2021

Peter's weight loss journey

Peter joined WW to improve his health after he reached 95kg and noticed that simply bending down to put his shoes on left him out of breath. Having tried to lose weight on his own, he says it was discovering SmartPoints that was a game changer for him. Not only has he forged a healthier relationship with food, he’s done it without giving up the things he loves.

Peter's "Why"

"My weight was continuing to climb and I knew I needed to make a change."

SmartPoints just made sense

“The first day I joined WW, I tracked everything I ate and I’ll be honest – I was shocked! My Daily SmartPoints Budget was 35 and I’d eaten 56 for the day. From then on, I tried to track everything. I’ve always loved working with numbers so SmartPoints just made sense to me, and tracking has made me more honest with my food choices and more mindful of what I’m eating. I still enjoy the foods I love, but I no longer waste SmartPoints on things that aren’t worth it to me. It’s all about making the foods I really want to eat fit in my SmartPoints Budget.”

"I turned things around by doing two simple things – eating more homemade meals and putting less on my plate.”

Two things that really helped me

“I follow the Green Food Plan because it gives me the most SmartPoints to play with, and I usually plan each day’s food, starting with eating breakfast at home. Before I joined WW, I was buying both breakfast and lunch out and while I didn’t realise it at the time, the portions were so big. And because I was told to clear my plate as a child, I always felt like I needed to eat it all. I turned things around by doing two simple things – eating more homemade meals and putting less on my plate.”

I can still do the things I love

“I lost weight quite quickly, losing 15kg in 4 months. But the thing I’ve learned is that everyone’s different. You can’t compare yourself, or your weight loss, to other people. As well as remembering that, the other thing that made a big difference to my mindset was realising that I could still do the things I love, like Friday games night with my university mates and enjoying a vanilla slice and a coffee at a café on Saturday mornings, with my wife. I just make some swaps to make it work – like swapping a mocha with two sugars for a cappuccino with no sugar, for half the SmartPoints.”

Sleep is my secret weapon

“I’m a bit of a night owl and have always stayed up late, but now I know that I need around six or seven hours of sleep a night to feel great and function at my best the next day. If I don’t sleep well then I end up eating a lot the next day and making less healthy choices, too. I didn’t care about that in the past, but I do now so I’m much more conscious of getting enough sleep each night.”

Noticing the positive feedback

“I’d never thought of myself as a big person, even after I’d joined WW, until I was getting dressed to take a photo with my family after I’d lost 13kg. I went to put on a favourite pair of chinos and they were massive. It was like I was wearing someone else’s pants! The last time I’d worn them, they were snug on me. That was a real eye opener and showed me exactly how much healthier I am now.”