"Each day I feel better and better"

Almost at goal, Laura Livy has changed her lifestyle, learned to love exercise and found her purpose.

Laura's journey to a healthier lifestyle


Name: Laura Livy
Weight loss: 28.4kg
Was: 97.6kg | Now: 69.2kg | Goal weight: 65kg
Height: 164cm | Age: 20
How long it took: 9 months
Method: Workshop + Digital at Malvern East, VIC, with Dee Stanton


Then & Now

Laura before and now

The first time I joined I was 16

The first time I joined WW I was 16 years old. I lost some of the weight but I gained it all back because I wasn’t committed. I joined again, four years later, at 20. I didn’t know what I wanted to study and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do in life. I was frustrated and I ate food that wasn’t good for me. I’d light up when I’d find blocks of chocolate at the supermarket that were two for $5 – I’d eat both blocks in 20 minutes. I was a total binge eater, eating any junk food I could get my hands on – tubs of ice-cream, chips, lollies. Then I’d feel guilty and eat nothing the next day. I had an awful relationship with food and I felt like I was stuck in a cycle of bad eating that couldn’t be broken.


I didn't like to be photographed

My mum talked to me regularly about my weight – she wanted to encourage me to make some healthy changes. It wasn’t just about my weight; she knew how unhappy I was in general. I didn’t like to be photographed and I never wanted to go out. Mum suggested I rejoin WW because she knew I felt like it was a safe place for me. I knew I wouldn’t be judged there and I’d get the support I needed without feeling embarrassed. I was ready to change but scared to give up the unhealthy lifestyle I thought I loved so much.

"I knew I wouldn’t be judged and I’d get the support I needed without feeling embarrassed."

My family owns a pet-sitting company

Surprisingly, the hardest adjustment wasn’t making changes to my diet; it was adding exercise to my day. I was lazy, I didn’t walk anywhere, my joints ached and I was embarrassed because of my size. I never went out – I just stayed home, watched TV and ate food. I wasn’t happy or active at all. But over time, I started to walk more. My family owns a pet-sitting company and I started walking the dogs, which helped me to become more active and boost my FitPoints® .


I've increased my workouts closer to Goal

At the start of my journey I didn’t need to exercise much to see results, I just changed my eating habits and tracked the SmartPoints® values and the weight fell off. But recently, as I’ve got closer to Goal, it’s been harder to lose the last few kilos and I’ve had to increase my workouts. I joined a gym and started working with a personal trainer, which I love.

Laura Livy

The key to a social life and weight loss is preparation

The key to managing my social life while also trying to lose weight is preparation. I pack carrot sticks and a protein bar when I go shopping with friends so I don’t have to eat at the food court. If I stay at a friend’s house they know I’ll bring a lifetime supply of SmartPoints value-friendly food just to be on the safe side! I even pack a few staples so I have what I need to make a healthy meal. As for going out and partying, I realised I don’t have to drink insane amounts of alcohol to have fun. (Something my mum has been telling me for years.) Instead of drinking too much on a night out, I now only have two or three drinks over the course of the evening so the next day I can be back at the gym by 9am.


My mum, family, WW Coach and boyfriend are my biggest supports

I currently live at home with my mum and boyfriend. My mum is a huge support – she’s always really encouraging and constantly telling me how great I’m doing. My older brothers are proud, too. They’re both gym-obsessed, so they’re pleased to see me happy and healthy. My boyfriend, James, 20, is amazingly supportive – he eagerly waits to hear how well I’ve done after each Workshop. When I tell him I’ve lost weight, he picks me up and gives me the biggest hug. Even if I put on weight or stay the same, he’s equally supportive and encouraging. I don’t know if I could have done as well without him.

"My WW Coach, Dee, is fantastic, too; when my motivation wanes, she’s always there to lift my spirits."

I love cooking new recipes

Each week I take the time to find new WW recipes to try and I make a meal plan and a shopping list – I don’t know how people shop without a list. I’d be lost without mine! I prepare every meal for myself and I cook dinner each night for my family. My all-time favourite WW meal is the chargrilled vegetable lasagne – it tastes amazing. Plus, I love quick oats for breakfast with fresh strawberries and sugar-free maple syrup.


Well on my way to Goal... and becoming a WW Coach!

Even though I’m so much happier, I think it’s going to take a while for my self-esteem and confidence to catch up with the ‘new’ me. I was overweight for so long I think my confidence levels are still stuck in the past. But each day I feel better and better. I used to laugh at people who said that eating healthy food made them feel clean on the inside, but now I get it. When I make the right choices, I feel like I’m doing the best thing for my body and I feel so much better for it.

"This is not a phase, it’s my new lifestyle. I’ve also just started training to become a WW Coach, which is so exciting. I want to inspire and educate other people on their weight-loss journey."

Weight loss is about commitment

For me, WW works because of the consistency and accountability. Weighing in and going to Workshops each week is essential to my success. I haven’t missed a single Workshop since I started and I think that’s why the program works so well for me. I’m committed and nothing is going to stand in my way!

Laura Livy

Some words from WW Coach Dee…

Dee Stanton contacted us about Laura, letting us know of her inspiring story. Laura is on her way to Goal and she’s committed to getting there! We talked to Dee about what makes Laura special.


Tell us about Laura...

Laura is a patient person – she listens very carefully in WW Workshops and gives so much back by offering inspirational ideas that help her follow the program. Plus, she thinks of innovative ways to make healthy choices. One week she told the group about her low SmartPoints value cheesecake recipe she created – it’s made with diet jelly and light ricotta. The other members were curious, so Laura brought in two cheesecakes the following week to share – they were beautifully presented with a recipe card for each person.


How does Laura stay motivated?

Laura keeps her eye on the end goal. Even if she has a week where she doesn’t lose or she gains a bit of weight, she continues with the program, knowing it will pay o in the end. Laura inspires other members because she doesn’t give up!


Why do you think Laura will make a wonderful WW Coach?

Laura is patient and kind – and she’s impeccably presented with loads of style! members love a WW Coach who has not only lost weight on WW, but takes pride in their appearance. Laura has that in spades! Plus, she knows when to share and when to listen – she’ll be a terrific WW Coach and make WW proud.