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One simple habit is helping Jordan reach her goal weight

It’s a shift that’s been a big part of her success.
Published 13 February 2021

Jordan's weight loss journey

Jordan joined WW to get back to her pre-baby weight after having her two daughters. Losing 9kg in just 12 weeks, not only is she almost there, she’s gained a healthier lifestyle along the way too, including embracing a new daily habit thanks to myWW+.

Jordan's Why

"To maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family."

I do one thing every morning now – and it’s made a huge difference

“The fact that I can track my sleep using the myWW+ app has been a game changer for me. I do it every night and then each morning, I check how much sleep I got. It’s a habit that helps me plan my day. When I see that I’ve had an average night’s sleep, I’m motivated to arrange my day so that I can squeeze a nap in, in the afternoon or get to bed earlier that night. I’ve also realised that when I haven’t had enough sleep, I tend to gravitate towards those less-healthy foods and snacks. So, seeing my sleep stats every morning encourages me to make a healthy snack box for the day ahead.”

myWW+ is not a diet

“I love that myWW+ helps me eat healthier foods, while still being able to enjoy those ‘cheeky’ foods that I don’t ever want to give up. Knowing that I’m not restricted from eating anything I want to means this is something I can do forever.”

myWW+ gave me a personalised food plan

“After taking the myWW+ personal assessment, I was matched with the Blue food plan and it works so well for me. Protein-rich foods like eggs and chicken are ZeroPoint foods, which means I’m never hungry no matter how many SmartPoints I have left for a meal. This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Thanks to WW I’m now healthier than I would ever be without it.”

If you’re a new mum, this is the weight loss app for you

“That’s what I tell all my mummy friends. myWW+ is just so easy. Everything you need is in the app. The barcode scanner is so convenient and there are so many family friendly recipes, which are super easy to make. With young children, I love having access to workouts that I can do at home, in arms reach on my phone. And being able to use the 5-minute coaching tool helps boost my motivation when I need it.”

Deciding what to eat is so much easier now

“Another one of my favourite things about the myWW+ app is the ‘What’s In Your Fridge’ tool. I’ve always been one of those people who stands and looks in the fridge for ages trying to figure out what to eat and what to make that’d be healthy. Now, the app simply gives me a recipe to create based on the ingredients I’ve already got at home, so I don’t even have to go shopping for food if I don’t want to. It makes meal and snack time so much easier.”