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How Ingrid lost weight without giving anything up

Published 2 August 2021 | Updated 30 November 2022

Ingrid's weight loss journey

After trying every kind of diet, cleanse and method to lose weight in the past, this time around Ingrid wanted to do something that would deliver long-term results and she knew that meant finding a program that didn’t involve cutting anything completely out of her diet. Based on that, her mum suggested WeightWatchers®, so she joined and lost 9kg in 10 months. Now, having maintained her new weight for six months, she’s taken her love of creating delicious cocktails to new heights at the same time.

Ingrid’s "why"

“I’d gained a lot of weight in the past few years and was in a pretty dark place. I didn’t have a good grip on my emotional eating and then the stress of the unknown during a COVID lockdown caused me to turn to comfort foods even more. My relationship with food was affecting every area of my life and I knew I needed to make a change for myself and my family, but I also knew I couldn’t take trying one more diet.”

I lost weight and enjoyed eating at the same time

“That was a first! Once I let myself lean into the WW program both mentally and physically, I realised I was able to enjoy all of the foods – and drinks! – that I wanted just by learning how to balance them out. It’s been life changing knowing that it’s possible to eat anything I want in moderation and still lose weight. I would never have thought I could eat pancakes every day for breakfast and lose weight but here I am! It puts such a smile on my face when I start the day that way.”

Banning cocktails would never have worked for me

“Having a tipple with my husband on a Friday night is a tradition I’ve always looked forward to. So after joining WW I reframed that into ‘how can I still enjoy this without blowing my budget for the week?’. Thus, Ing Zing cocktails was born! I’m always experimenting so it’s hard to pick a favourite drink but a good margarita is probably right up there at the top.”

WW isn’t what I was expecting

“I’d tried it years ago so when mum suggested I try it again this time around, she also said ‘it’s nothing like it used to be’ and she was right. Everything about the new WW app appealed to me and now, having used it for so long, I know it’s such a well-rounded tool. I love how easy tracking is. I also love the recipes! And Fiton and the mindfulness tips are great too.”

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Once you join WW you’re never alone

“The WW community has been a game changer for me. Weight loss can be a very lonely journey but having such a supportive community has made the world of difference. I’ve learned so much from other members online and I’m inspired by them every single day. Of course I still have challenging days sometimes, but I can get back on track much faster now that I have the tools and the support.”

Each day is a new day

“Realising that has made a really big difference. My best advice to others is to never, ever give up on yourself. Every day is a new one – and on WW, a new set of Points! Yes, there will be good days and less-good days, weight losses and weight gains, but if you just stick with it, you’ll succeed. You can’t fail unless you quit and there are so many incredible WW recipes that make losing weight easier.”

I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time

“My clothes fit better, my energy is better and I’m just having more fun in life. Even my husband was inspired to join WW after seeing my results and feeling inspired. That makes me so happy. It's lovely knowing that I've helped someone close to me make a forever change in their life too.”