"Switching up my exercise helped me through a plateau."

Despite a series of setbacks, Aimee lost 14kg and gained a whole lot of strength.
Published 5 March 2016

Aimee's weight loss story

Name: Aimee Chadzynski
Weight loss: 14kg
Was: 70kg
Now: 56kg
Height: 1.59m
Age: 27
How long it took: 1 year
How she did it: 1-on-1 Coaching at Myer Lifestyle Centre High Point, Vic, with Coach Annette Brachmanis.

Then & Now

Aimee Chadzynski


"I easily fitted the program around my life and taught me to celebrate non-scale victories, such as losing centimetres, and noticing differences when I looked at my photos."


Not long ago, I spent years in and out of hospital with life-threatening asthma. It meant I couldn’t exercise at all and the medication that kept me alive caused my weight to balloon. At my heaviest, I weighed 85kg. Now that I’m at Goal, I can exercise regularly. I can only do so much though, so I’ve learnt to listen to my body when I’m working out to make sure I don’t overdo it.


When I finally came off some of the asthma medication, I managed to lose 15kg on my own. But I couldn’t seem to shift any more weight and was afraid of failing and ending up at 85kg again. One day, I came across a photo of myself that I’d once liked because I thought I looked good in it – but now I thought otherwise. A week later, I joined Weight Watchers. I was able to fit the Program around my life and it taught me to celebrate the non-scale victories, such as losing centimetres and noticing differences when I looked at my progress photos.

Type 2 diabetes

One of the medications I was initially on for asthma left me with diabetes. The heavier I was, the more severe it became. While I still have diabetes, Weight Watchers has helped me deal with it and manage it better. I’ve learnt simple ways to improve my eating habits, such as having more whole foods instead of processed choices.

A heart condition

When I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) – an abnormally increased heart rate – it came as a blow and it left me feeling weak, tired and nauseous most of the time. I couldn’t exercise for a while, but instead of using POTS as an excuse, I decided I could still be healthy by continuing to make smart food choices.


After losing 5kg, I hit a plateau. I realised I’d have to make more changes if I wanted to see more improvement on the scales. For starters, I introduced strength and resistance training to my normal gym workout routine. Then my Weight Watchers Coach noticed I was saving all of my weekly SmartPoints® for weekends. She suggested I spread them throughout the week and I started eating more healthy foods too. Before long, the scales were moving in the right direction.

My sweet vice!

Lollies are my weakness. When I joined Weight Watchers, I’d measure them out and track them. While that’s the beauty of the Program – you can have whatever you want as long as you stay within your SmartPoints Budget – it took me a while to realise that it’s fine to have these foods, just not all the time. I learnt to consider how my body felt with and without lollies, and whether I was eating them out of habit, or because I really felt like having some.

Aimee Chadzynski

My healthy life helpers

Aimee shares her best tips and the strategies that helped her reach goal.

  1. Get instant: Using my Instagramaccount to post photos related to exercise and healthy living helps
    me stay motivated and inspired.
  2. Change it up: I switch up my exercise routine every four to six weeks, such as incorporating more weights, or trying a new activity like ice skating or paddleboarding.
  3. Track it: I track my activity with a Jawbone – it pushes me to move more.
  4. Set goals: Every Sunday, I check in with myself to assess what I’ve achieved during the week and think about what goals I’d like to focus on for the week ahead – big or small.
  5. Just do it: Growing up, I’d always wanted to try ballet, so I decided to give it a go. Stepping out of the changing room in tights and a leotard was definitely out of my comfort zone!