"I feel well, I've lost weight. Life's good."

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has lost 10kg with WW and feels stronger than ever!

Sam's 'Why'


"At the beginning of 2019 I wasn't feeling my best, I was often tired and developing unhealthy habits; I needed to prioritise my health. Losing a few kilos was important but it was about feeling healthier—both physically and mentally."  


3 things Sam loves about WW
Freedom to enjoy life

“I love having friends over to unwind after a big week, and WW gives me the freedom to enjoy a glass of wine with them.”

Eating healthier

"I love that I can eat the foods I enjoy on WW, but also that eating well has become my new normal and I never feel hungry"

The WW app

"The WW app is amazing! Being able to scan foods using the barcode scanner or do a quick search makes tracking so simple."

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