Spring season vegetarian recipes

These seasonal spring vegetarian recipes will make you want to enjoy meat-free Monday every day!

Vegetarian recipes for spring


After a long cold winter, it's hard not to get excited about all the fresh produce. Spring brings With asparagus, artichokes, peas, and more readily available, there's no better season to eat vegetarian food.


Tips for fresh vegies

  • Choose vegies that are in season as they have more nutrients than those kept in cold storage.
  • Buy vegies in small amounts and use them quickly to avoid waste.
  • Steaming is the best method for cooking vegies as it retains the most nutrients.


Do you have a dietary preference? Try these recipes!

Vegetarian: Rainbow salad bowl
Diabetes-friendly: Roasted cauliflower fattoush
Vegan: Roasted pumpkin, kale and couscous salad
Gluten-free: Haloumi rainbow skewers with quinoa salad

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