Quiche and pastry recipes - Spring vegetable quiche

Easy quiche and pastry recipes for spring

Spring is the perfect season for flavour-filled quiches and pastries served with a fresh side salad.

Spring quiches and pastries


Celebrate the best of spring produce by turning them into tasty quiches and pasties. These recipes are packed full of delicious seasonal vegies and are perfect for easy family dishes.


Reasons to love quiche in spring

• Quiche is a great way to enjoy eating more eggs. Eggs are high in protein helping you feel fuller for longer and contain vitamins and minerals including iron, zinc, folate and vitamin B12.

• Quiches are a tasty way to use up left over vegies. Enjoy the fresh produce available in spring including asparagus, peas, spinach and fresh herbs. You can enjoy quiche hot or cold and with a side salad.

• Get creative with flavour combinations. Try replacing the pasty base for a brown rice and chives, or make an up-side -down quiche. Spring sprinkle homemade breadcrumbs over the top for a crispy topping.

• You can enjoy them hot or cold.