Special considerations: Breastfeeding mums

Information about following the WW program for women who are breastfeeding.

What if I’m breastfeeding?

Many new mums may want to jump straight into losing their baby weight. But there are things to consider to help keep you and your baby happy and healthy. Be sure to get the go-ahead from your doctor or health care professional before you begin trying to lose weight after the birth of your baby.

Recommendations might be different if:

  • You're breastfeeding more than one baby
  • You've noticed a decrease in your milk supply
  • You need or want to avoid specific supplements or foods

Your healthcare professional can also recommend a specific kilojoule requirement and give you other advice specific to your current needs.

When you and your health care professional decide you're ready to start losing weight, follow our special recommendations for breastfeeding mums:

1. The program is eligible to nursing mums no earlier than 2 months post childbirth.

The recommended rate of weight loss is no more than 2kg per month.

If you’re exclusively breastfeeding your baby, your daily SmartPoints Budget will be:

+16 SmartPoints per baby on Green

+12 SmartPoints per baby on Blue

+9 SmartPoints per baby on Purple

However, if your daily SmartPoints Budget is less than the following SmartPoints for each plan, please use the following as your minimum daily SmartPoints Budget.

52 SmartPoints on Green

41 SmartPoints on Blue

29 SmartPoints on Purple

If breastmilk is only partially the source of nutrition for baby and you’re supplementing feeds with formula or other foods, then the daily SmartPoints Budget will be:

+6 SmartPoints per baby on Green

+5 SmartPoints per baby on Blue

+3 SmartPoints per baby on Purple

Once weaning is complete, the daily SmartPoints should be reset to that of a woman who isn’t breastfeeding.

There is no change to your weekly SmartPoints Budget.

You can update your ‘breastfeeding status’ any time under Food Settings on the WW app or website.

2. Monitor your weight loss carefully.

A weight loss of up to 500g per week while breastfeeding is safe for you and your baby — losing weight more rapidly than this may compromise your milk production and your health. If you start losing weight too quickly try adding an extra 1 - 3 SmartPoints to your daily Budget for a week until your weight loss stabilises.

3. When you’re ready, move more.

Research has found that even high-intensity activity does not affect the ability to breastfeed and can help with losing weight and maintaining weight loss. But get your doctor’s approval before jumping into regular physical activity.