Complaints handling process


Weight Watchers Australasia is committed to providing excellent customer service and maintaining healthy customer relationships and as such has developed a Customer Complaints Policy to ensure all complaints, or expressions of dissatisfaction received are handled as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The following highlights our Policy and process for handling verbal and written complaints received. This Policy is compliant with the Weight Management Council of Australia (section 9 – Complaint Resolution); industry best practice for complaints management and customer service recovery and is ASISO 10002:2006 compliant.

Weight Watchers Australasia Customer Complaints Policy
Weight Watchers Australasia have established the following Customer Complaints Policy and is a company committed to;

  1. Providing our customers with an efficient, fair, accessible and structured process for complaints management.
  2. Ensuring customer complaints are processed in line with privacy laws and will apply a high level of confidentially.
  3. Providing our employees with a framework, training and system to work with when receiving a customer complaint.
  4. Acknowledging all customer complaints received by telephone, e-mail or website within 1 business day of receipt and will resolve most customer complaints within 14 business days; however this Policy provides provision for 21 business days where further investigation is required for more complex complaints or reliance on external providers such as business partners, licensees or Weight Watchers global counterparts.
  5. Assigning a severity level for the customer complaint (minor, major, critical) and we will keep the customer informed as to the progress of the complaint and expected resolution timeframe.
  6. Regularly reviewing complaint reports and preventative action taken so that we can improve our processes, procedures, products, services and customer service even further based on customer complaints and feedback received.

Lodgement of Complaints

The Weight Watchers Customer Service Team should be the customer’s first point of contact who will provide customers with information and assistance to ensure that any complaint received is lodged effectively. Complaints to Weight Watchers Australasia can be lodged in the following ways;

All complaints received within the Weight Watchers Customer Service Centre by telephone, e-mail or website will be acknowledged within 1 business day. Weight Watchers will send the customer an email highlighting the complaint reference number to be used to identify progress with the complaint until a resolution is achieved. Weight Watchers has established, and will continue to develop quality processes for the efficient and effective acknowledgement and processing of complaints received.

Response to Complaints

All complaints received by Weight Watchers Australasia will be processed in an efficient and efficient manner. Continuous improvement and on-going training will be executed to ensure all complaints received are resolved promptly, professionally and courteously. Managing our customer’s expectation is Weight Watchers primary objective which will involve careful examination and a thorough investigation of each complaint received and a resolution offered on the basis of the investigation and outcome.

Weight Watchers Complaints Handling System

All complaints or expressions of dissatisfaction received in the Weight Watchers Customer Service Centre will be entered into CloudTalk Complaints Handling system. We will capture all of the relevant information. A Reference Number will be assigned to the complaint and summary e-mailed to the customer. Complaints received will be captured and analysed to ensure that complaints received are compliant with this Customer Complaints Policy. Systemic trends and any re-occurring problems will be identified and forwarded to the relevant department, person or licensee / business partner to provide them with the opportunity to improve existing processes, procedures, products, services and customer service.

Time frame for Complaint Resolution

Weight Watchers Customer Service Team will acknowledge receipt of a customer complaint received by telephone, e-mail or website within 1 business day. Most complaints received by Weight Watchers Australasia are generally resolved within 14 business days from the date of receipt – as per Weight Management Council of Australia; however we ask customers to allow Weight Watchers Australasia up to 21 business days where further investigation may be required. As described in section 4 of the Weight Watchers Customer Complaints Policy.

Escalation of Complaints

Weight Watchers Australasia’s goal for complaints handling is to resolve complaints at first point of contact. Where elected customers will be kept informed regarding the progress of their complaint and Weight Watchers Australasia’s internal complaint escalation process. Weight Watchers Australasia requests that customers provide us with an opportunity to resolve their complaint before escalating their complaint. If a customer believes they have exhausted all avenues for addressing their complaint with Weight Watchers Australasia or if they find those avenues unacceptable for any reason they will be advised of external channels for escalation such as

  1. Department of Fair Trading in your state,
  2. Australian Comp and Consumer Commission,
  3. Commonwealth Ombudsman,
  4. Weight Management Council of Australia or
  5. Seek independent legal advice from a solicitor as an alternative avenue for resolution.