Shop smart: Pre-made sauces and marinades

Super convenient pre-made sauces help us to create recipes from around the world with the simple turn of a lid. But what are the smartest options to stay on track?

Pre-made sauces


Pre-made sauces are a culinary blessing at the end of a long day. Simply add the jar contents to meat or fish and vegetables, and bingo! You’ve got a tasty meal that brings everyone to the table. But, while convenience and flavour are a given with pre-made sauces, there’s the question of whether they support our health and wellness journey. With so many to choose from, we’d need a full day at the supermarket to compare all of the labels. So whether you’re cooking a stir-fry, curry or pasta, we’ve done the research for you and picked out some handy options that will help you get dinner on the table, pronto.

Tip: Pastes consist of highly concentrated spices and flavours, packing the same punch for a lower SmartPoints value.


Creamy pasta sauces

Creamy pasta sauces with SmartPoints

Tomato paste sauces

Tomato paste sauces with SmartPoints

Curry pastes

Curry pastes with SmartPoints

Asian cuisine stir-fry sauces

Asian cuisine stir-fry sauces with SmartPoints

Marinades, spice rubs and glazes


Adding flavour and variety to your meals is deliciously simple with a spice rub or marinade. Because these tasty seasonings are quite concentrated, a little serve can go a long way—so you can take your dish to the next level without using up your SmartPoints Budget. Marinades, spice rubs and glazes work well on red meat, chicken, seafood, tofu and even roast vegetables. To get the most flavour out of your rub or marinade, let the food absorb it for at least 30 minutes before cooking. So simple! Now it’s just a matter of choosing which seasonings to try.

All of the SmartPoints values have been calculated based on a serving size of 1 tablespoon.


Asian marinades

Asian marinades with SmartPoints

Hot and spicy marinades

Hot and spicy marinades with SmartPoints

Spice rubs

Spice rubs with SmartPoints

Glazes and pastes

Glazes and pastes with SmartPoints