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WW vs. Mediterranean Diet

Compare the Mediterranean diet with the WW (Weight Watchers reimagined) weight loss program. We'll look at what you'll eat, the health risks and liveability of both options.

Does the Mediterranean diet work for weight loss?


The Mediterranean diet involves sticking to a plant-based diet, which means eating wholegrains, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, herbs and spices on a daily basis. Animal-based proteins like eggs and dairy should be eaten a few times a week, fish or chicken twice weekly, and red meat just a few times a month. The theory is its a diet that mimics how a population eat in a part of Greece that's been identified as one of the world's Blue Zones, a collection of five geographical regions that are home to the world's longest-living people.
The Mediterrianean diet is a safe way to lose weight and reduce your risk of developing chronic disease and type 2 diabetes.

Mediterranean diet


U.S. News & World Report Rankings*

#1 Best Diet for Weight Loss
#17 in Best Weight-Loss Diets


What can I eat on this plan?

WW's scientifically proven SmartPoints® system means that everything's on the menu. Plus enjoy ZeroPoint™ foods that you don't have to track.
Primarily plant-based foods, eating small amounts of red meat occasionally, and replacing butter with healthy fats like olive oil. Using herbs and spices for flavour instead of salt.



Beyond more flexibility in your food choices, WW's program also helps you fit in more movement and teaches you healthy habits that can shift your mindset. With an approach that goes beyond food, you’ll see benefits both on and off the scale.
Yes, the Mediterranean diet is one of the few diets that studies have shown is sustainable long-term. This is partly because it does not cut out whole food groups.


Health risks

WW is the #1 doctor recommended weight-loss program according to an August 2016 survey of primary care physicians.
Mediterranean diet has been shown to be an effective diet to reduce the risk of chronic disease like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It is simple to follow alongside the WW program.


Social support

WW Workshops, WW app featuring 24/7 Live Chat with a WW Coach and Connect, our exclusive social network so you can follow like-minded Mediterannean food loving members for motivation and inspiration.
Online blogs and support communities exist but do not provide guidance from qualified experts.
*WW is #1 in TWO U.S. News & World Report categories. Learn more here!

WW Mediterranean recipes

The WW program is suitable for all dietary preferences including those who prefer to follow a Mediterranean style of eating.

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