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Tips for eating out this spring

When the days start getting longer it’s a good sign that spring is in the air, which is the perfect time to enjoy good food.
Published 25 September 2018

Tips for eating out in spring


On WW nothing is off the menu, which means you can eat out and achieve your health goals. Start with this list of tips to help you navigate the menu options at your favourite restaurants or fast food outlets.


1. Set yourself a budget

Determine how many SmartPoints® you’re willing to spend before you look at the menu. That way you’ll be less likely to become overwhelmed or persuaded when you’re presented with all the options on offer at the restaurant. A SmartPoints budget will also allow you to enjoy the food guilt free. If you do go off track, that’s okay–you can loosen up a bit on special occasions, and get back on track at the next meal.


2. Make special requests

Don’t be shy. You’re paying good money for the meal, so you’re entitled to make special requests or ask for slight modifications.

  • You could try asking for your dish to be without the butter, grilled, or with the sauce on the side. Another healthy swap would be to have mixed greens or salad instead of chips as your side.


3. Practice mindful eating

Some restaurant portions can be two, three, even four times the recommended size – especially super-sized fast-food and chain-restaurant meals. Eating mindfully will help you to know when you’re full (even if your plate isn’t empty). In some cultures this sends compliments to the chef, suggesting an abundance of food.


4. Try not to arrive hungry

Stocking up on your daily SmartPoints throughout the day may not be the best approach. If you arrive famished you’re less likely to make healthy choices. Eat a satisfying snack (like an apple or some vegie sticks with your favourite dip) before you go out so you’re not overly hungry by the time you get there.


5. Be mindful of dressings and toppings

Salad bars and garden salads grace menus across the country. But the extra toppings that are sometimes available can sabotage your seemingly health-conscious salad choice.Croutons, grated cheese and fried bacon bits are delicious but may not be the healthiest choice, try swapping them for healthy fats from avocado or nuts.


6. Eating out and alcohol

A drink with dinner is fine, but too many may wreak havoc with your resolve to stay on track. Not only do alcoholic drinks come with their share of SmartPoints, alcohol also tends to lower inhibitions in regard to eating. To stay on track try alternating alcoholic beverages with soda water, mineral water or sparkling water. And try to be mindful of drinking on an empty stomach.