Xtend Barre

Get ready to bend and stretch your way to a toned and flexible body with Xtend Barre!

Xtend Barre


What is Xtend Barre?

Created by a former professional dancer and choreographer, Xtend Barre is a high-energy workout that incorporates elements of ballet and Pilates to help tone, lengthen and strengthen your muscles. You’ll start with stretches and a warm-up session before beginning the 50-minute cardio and strength training workout. The class is set to fast-paced contemporary pop music, which helps take your mind off the burn as the instructor encourages you to find your ‘challenge zone’ when doing a range of exercises at the ballet barre and on a yoga mat. The choreography changes from week to week to keep things fresh, and classes are broken down into sections that focus on working the arms, legs and core for an effective total body workout.


Why we love it

If you enjoyed dance as a kid or grew up with ballerina dreams, this is a great way to introduce it into your adult life and tone up at the same time. You get a fun fix of ballet as you complete an intense and rewarding workout. Classes are suitable for every age, gender and fitness level, and instructors can modify moves to suit beginners, prenatal clients and people with injuries.


What you need

No tutus, topknots or leotards required! Simply show up in gym pants that fall below the knee and a comfortable top that’ll allow you full range of motion throughout the workout. Socks with grips can come in handy to help with balance.


More info

Visit Xtend Barre to find a studios near you. Xtend Barre classes are currently available in 150 locations across 18 countries – including the US, UK, Brazil and beyond – so you can give it a go on holiday too.