Workouts with WW app

We’ve partnered with audio fitness experts Aaptiv to create exclusive workouts for WW members! From guided walking and running to easy strength moves, it’s all in the WW app.
Published 1 July 2020

Fitness at your fingertips


There’s a lot to love about being active. It can help you sleep better, manage stress and build strength. It’s why, whatever your personal wellness goals are, moving more always has a role to play in the journey. In fact, sometimes it is the journey. And here at WW, because we’re all about Wellness that Works, we’re committed to making that journey as fun, flexible and achievable as possible. Which is why we’d love you to meet Aaptiv, an app that’s packed with 2500 on-demand audio-guided fitness classes. To help you understand exactly what it is, how it can help and what it’s got to do with your journey with us as a WW member, we’ve answered a few questions.


What exactly is Aaptiv?

Aaptiv is a workout app—but not just any old workout app. Not only does it feature more than 2500 workout routines, which cover everything from stretching to strength training and anything in between, every single one of them is an audio workout. If you’ve used a workout app before, picture this: no more trying to follow and sync your moves with what’s happening on your phone screen (we know that can be tricky sometimes).

With Aaptiv, all you have to do is pick a workout that suits you, hit play and follow the easy-to-understand audio instructions that are delivered by expert trainers and set to inspiring music. It’s like having a fitness guru in your phone that you can take anywhere and use for guidance and motivation, any time you’re in the mood to move. Use it at home, at the park, in your lunch break, when you’ve jumped onto the treadmill at the gym—or anywhere else that works for you.



Are the workouts connected to my WW membership?

Yes! Here’s where things get really exciting. We’ve partnered with Aaptiv to deliver the guidance and encouragement of a fitness expert straight to your WW app. So instead of having to subscribe to and download a separate workout app, you can access Aaptiv through your WW one. We know that activity is a key part of every wellness journey. Keeping things simple and convenient is what makes this sustainable long term.

The other thing to know is that the collection of Aaptiv workouts that you’ll find living on your WW app are all designed specifically for you. We’ve worked closely with Aaptiv to create nine exclusive, no-equipment-required routines for our members. They range from walking to body-weight strength training workouts, and take as little as 13 minutes to complete. Got more time? Great! Other routines are around the half-hour mark.

No matter what you feel like doing and where you’re currently at with your movement goals, there’s a WW Aaptiv workout that’ll fit your schedule and your fitness level.


Sounds great—how do I get started?

It’s really simple. If you’re already a WW member, all you have to do is update your WW app so you’ve got the latest version and then scroll right to the bottom of My Day. From there, you’ll be able to access the WW Aaptiv workouts. Not a member yet? Join today and once you’re a member, you can download the WW app and get started.


When you’re ready for more workouts

As a WW member, you’ll always be able to access the nine WW x Aaptiv workouts through your WW app. But if you ever get the feeling that you’d like a bit more variety, no problem—that’s an easy fix!

Aaptiv has thousands of workouts to choose from and, as a WW member, you can get a free 45-day trial* to unlock and explore the full Aaptiv experience to see if it works for you and your wellness journey.

*Free trial terms. Enjoy the benefits of the full Aaptiv experience for 45 days. You will be automatically subscribed to Aaptiv at their standard monthly rate ($14.99 + applicable taxes) unless you cancel before the free trial period ends.