Try a trapeze class

Trapeze classes offer a fun workout and are a great way to push your own limits!

What exactly is trapeze?


Looking for a natural high? Go to a trapeze class and learn how to fly like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. After a quick warm-up and a practice session on a low bar – think schoolyard monkey bars – you’re ready for the real deal. You’ll walk up a ladder to the eight-metre-high starting platform and be hooked up to a safety harness, then it’s just a matter of grabbing the metal bar with your hands, stepping off the ledge and flying high!

Worried about heights? Don’t be – there’s a bouncy net between you and the ground to break your fall. For the first few tries, you’ll fly solo, gradually moving from swinging by your arms to doing a ‘knee-hang’: swinging upside-down by your legs. If you’re feeling confident after that, you can let go of the bar completely and be caught by a trapeze-artist swinging from the platform on the other side – a great trust-building exercise!


Why we love it

You get to fly – what’s not to love! Beyond the physical adrenaline rush, it’s great if you want to conquer your fears, and the thrill of trying a fun, never-thought-you’d-do-before activity is exhilarating. Most trapeze schools offer all-level classes that cater for everyone from beginner to advanced, and you can take it all at your own pace.


What to wear

Once you’ve popped on some comfortable workout clothes – no shoes required – the only thing left to bring is your fun-loving, have-a-go attitude. Wear tight-fitting pants that cover your knees so you’re more comfortable when you do the ‘knee-hang’. Leave your jewellery at home, too – it can get caught when you grab onto your trapeze partner on the other side.


More info

Two-hour classes at Sydney Trapeze School start from $60. Google ‘trapeze classes’ in your area to find one near you.