Your 7 day spring fitness plan

Use our 7 day fitness plan for inspiration and ideas to get moving in spring.

A week of spring activities



Stretch and de-stress
Whether its tai chi or a group class such as yoga, stretching is a great way to start the week. Do a session outdoors to breathe in fresh, spring air for at least one hour each week.



Play a team sport
Join a team so you have a weekly exercise commitment to stick with.



Do a circuit session
You can set up a gym circuit almost anywhere indoors or outside using items like a bench for push-ups, stairs for step-ups or a chair for dips. Do each exercise for up to one minute and repeat the circuit for 15 to 30 minutes.



Tackle a dance class
Mingle with others and take a heart pumping dance class. Try salsa or belly dancing and discover muscles you didn’t know existed.



Relax and re-charge
Give yourself a well-earned day of rest and avoid strenuous exercise. Instead, take a gentle walk to the local park or along the beachfront.



Exercise outdoors
Head somewhere scenic for an intense outdoor activity like bike riding, beach walking, hiking or jogging. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes of continuous activity – even trying some bursts of speed throughout.



Boost the fun factor
Get outside and choose from a variety of spring-friendly exercise options, such as swimming, horse riding, surfing and rock climbing.