Salsa dancing

Add some pizzazz to your workout as you shimmy, shake and dip doing the salsa!

Salsa dancing


What is it?

Want to add some flair to your fitness routine? Swap your sneakers for dance shoes and give salsa dancing a whirl. This Latin dance for two is fun, cheeky and sexy. Got a case of two left feet? Not to worry. “If you can count to eight, we can teach you rhythm,” says Michael Miziner, director of Sydney’s Dance Planet and three-time Australian Dance Champion. At Dance Planet, classes are divided into three levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – so you learn and practise with people of the same ability.


Why we love it

Salsa is a good workout and also offers a range of benefits beyond helping you on your weight-loss journey. “Salsa is great for improving memory and your coordination,” says Miziner. It’s super-social, too. While you and your partner will laugh as you fumble through the steps, the satisfaction of mastering a sequence and sweeping across the floor makes you come back for more. It’s a great way to boost your confidence, and it’s so much fun you’ll forget you’re exercising!


What you need

If you’re a beginner, Miziner suggests wearing something you can move freely in – whether it’s pants, a comfy skirt or your gym gear. Wear flats until you’re ready to graduate to heels – just make sure the soles aren’t made of plastic to avoid slipping on the shiny dance floor.


Get started

Google ‘salsa classes’ in your state to find a studio. We tried Dance Planet in Sydney, where group classes start at $20.


One on one

Fast-track your learning by signing up for a private lesson. Your teacher can customise a lesson for you and you’ll be able to take things at your own pace.