10 fun fitness activities

Bored with the gym? It may be time for a change. We've got 10 fun ways to shake up your fitness routine.

10 fitness activities away from the gym

1. Take a tap dancing class. You’ll find that an hour or so of making like Fred Astaire will do the trick. The top hat and cane is optional!

2. Go shopping. And do it for at least an hour. Walking, climbing the escalators and trying on clothes can be very rewarding! Just keep up a moderate pace.

3. Hone your hula hooping skills. And here’s a hot tip for better hooping: move your hips front to back, not in a circle.

4. Do a spot of gardening. Pruning, weeding, mowing the lawns – it all counts as physical activity. Just try to make it as physically active as possible by using tools like rakes, watering cans and hand-held saws rather than more high-tech versions.

5. Have a go at salsa dancing. It’s fun, energetic and a great way to meet new people, too.

6. Try your hand at rock climbing. Clambering up and down vertical walls for half an hour – indoors or out – is an exhilarating way to workout.

7. Throw a big backyard bash for family and friends. Then cook and mingle by the barbecue, wielding tongs. Try to make sure you stay standing for at least 90 minutes.

8. Set up a treasure hunt for your kids. You’ll use your brain and body – thinking up the clues, then hiding the treasures.

9. Wander around your local farmers’ market. Try and make the wander last for 90 minutes. And pick up a bag of fresh lemons and squeeze them by hand when you get home to make your own thirst-quenching lemonade.

10. Start a soccer game next time you have a picnic or barbecue with family or friends. All you need is a 30-minute kick-around to get a decent dose of physical activity.

WW member Lorena loves kicking the ball around with her son.