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WW Workshop @ Rototuna Primary School Hall

23 Strathmore Drive
Workshop reopened
Workshops are available
Virtual Workshops are not available
Weekly Schedule (See notes below for additional details)
6:00 PM Andrea B.
Welcome to our WW Workshop in Rototuna where we look forward to getting to know you while supporting your healthy choices in a personalised and flexible way with our science backed and proven PersonalPoints. In our Rototuna Workshop you will find Andrea & Yvonne. Andrea has over 10 years of WW experience in both personal coaching as well as group workshops. Andrea has recently discovered a passion for activity and encourages her members to move more no matter their level of fitness. Yvonne has been a WW coach in the area for many years and has a wealth of knowledge to share with her members. She’s very passionate about making sure her workshops are inclusive, so everyone feels they are cared for. Her motto has always been , “ We’re all in this together”. When she’s not coaching you can generally find Yvonne with her horse. Come along and join the fun!
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