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What you can eat on myWW+ Blue food plan

On the WW program you can enjoy using your personalised SmartPoints® Budget however you choose! Take a look at what a day of eating can look like on our Blue food plan.



3-ingredient banana pancakes
with a black coffee


Wondering what to do with overripe bananas? Learn how to make banana pancakes using 3 ingredients! All you need to add is an egg and some flour.

4 SmartPoints value per serve


99% fat-free plain yoghurt and fruit

Sometimes the simplest snacks are best! By combining ZeroPoint™ 99% fat-free plain yoghurt and seasonal fruits like banana and strawberries you can enjoy a snack without needing to use any of your SmartPoints Budget.

0 SmartPoints value per serve



Salmon and spinach salad with sesame dressing


This no-cook, no-fuss salmon salad makes a great nutritious mid-week lunch. It's filled with smoked salmon, corn and plenty of green vegies.n vegies.

4 SmartPoints value per serve


Lamb and black bean stir-fry

Faster than ordering takeaway, this super-quick stir-fry is a delicious one-wok wonder the whole family will love!

9 SmartPoints value per serve



Banana mango whip


Four indigents and five minutes is all it takes to create a delicious low-SmartPoints banana and mango ice-cream.

1 SmartPoints value per serve

Your unused SmartPoints can be rolled over


You might choose to spend the rest of your daily Budget on a handful of raw nuts, this tasty member’s Nutella muffin recipe, a glass of wine, or choose to rollover up to 4 of your remaining SmartPoints into your weekly Budget. That way you have the flexibility to tap into them when you need them (like the weekend or a dinner out).

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