Helpful tips for using Plan Manager

Listed below are helpful tips to enhance your Plan Manager experience.

  1. Do not have multiple applications running or multiple browser windows open while using Plan Manager as this can contribute to slowness. For best results, you should not have any other applications running and you should have only our website open with Plan Manager when using the PointsPlusTM Tracker.

  2. Download and install the latest version of Flash Player.

    After you install Flash Player test to see it is working properly.

  3. Delete old or unused Favorites.

  4. Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for using Plan Manager. For using Plan Manager with a PC, we recommend at least a 450 MHz Pentium II processor (or equivalent) or later and 256 MB of RAM. For using Plan Manager with a Mac we recommend 500 MHz PowerPC G3 or later with 256 MB of RAM.

  5. Some corporate IT departments block access to certain applications and software. In general, home computers have fewer restrictions than computers on corporate networks. If your issue is with a computer at your work location, you may need to work directly with your corporate IT department or use a different PC with no restrictions.
Please note that even if your computer meets the minimum system requirements, older computers and systems with slower processing speeds or minimal amount of RAM (memory) may experience issues with performance and/or compatibility. In addition broadband, Cable and DSL connections are generally much faster than Dial-up.

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