Find & Explore Tips

Try these tips if your search isn’t working or if you’re having trouble finding exactly what you need.

  • Try fewer search terms, or only searching for one word or item (just “banana” or “Dole” or “McDonalds”).
  • Try different spellings or spacing, especially if it’s a compound or punctuated term.
  • Try different words that mean the same thing (“low fat,” “reduced fat,” “non fat”).
  • Try using more general search terms (instead of “low-fat BBQ potato chips,” just “potato chips”).
  • Don't use measurements ( "1 cup of…") as part of your search terms.
  • If you don't see a certain brand or restaurant item, it may not be in our database. You can use the PointsPlus ™ Calculator for any food with a Nutrition Facts Label.
  • To find foods within a certain PointsPlus range, select a range using the PointsPlus value drop down.

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