Finding restaurant foods

Finding restaurant foods
Say you’ve promised to go with some friends to a local fast food place, and want to know what your best options are.

  1. Enter the restaurant name into the text box and click “Go.” (You may want to narrow your search by selecting the Restaurant section and searching just within restaurants, browsing to see if this restaurant is listed).
  2. You’ll see PointsPlus ™ values for lots of choices, so you can decide on something with a low PointsPlus value, or plan for a splurge. If you're looking for Power Foods, they have a green triangle next to them throughout the site.
  3. Now that you’ve seen what your options are, you can make a wise choice at lunch. When you get back, you can enter what you’ve just eaten.
Can’t find the item you’re looking for? Suggest a food for us to add.

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