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You can search for particular items, or browse to get ideas. Our search tool gives you all kinds of options. Let’s start with specifics: say you have just discovered that you love a new fruit: Mangoes! You want to know more about mangoes, and you've also seen cans of mango nectar at the market and you're curious about that

  1. You can enter “Mango” in the text box. You’ll see right off the bat that one small mango is 0 PointsPlus® values; that's because on the PointsPlus program, all fruit has 0 PointsPlus values. What's more, it's got a green triangle, meaning it's a Power Food ― a healthy choice that will help you feel full.
  2. What about the nectar? Well, if you look down the list, you'll see it: mango nectar, 4 PointsPlus values for 1 cup .
  3. If you look through all your results, you’ll also see recipes and quick meal ideas containing the item you searched for.
  4. When you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can double-click it to enter it if you would like,

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