Finding and tracking foods, meals, recipes

Find foods, meals and recipes and then add them to your Tracker. We’ll add up the PointsPlus®values for the day and week. Here’s how.

  1. Let’s say you’ve eaten a banana. Put “banana” in the search box and add it to the correct time of day. You can also click Add food next to each mealtime to add a food to a particular mealtime. Click "Go" and then select the item that’s the closest match.
  2. You’ll see a pop-up box. Adjust the portion size if you need to. (You can mark the item as a Favorite here. if you want to be able to access it quickly later.) Select Add to Tracker.
  3. The item will be added to your Tracker.
  4. You can do the same for meals and recipes.
  5. Note the PointsPlus value subtotals, as well as the total at the bottom of the Tracker.
  6. To move an item from one meal time to another, drag it and drop it.
  7. Delete items from meal times by clicking the "X" to the far right of the item.
Can’t find the item you’re looking for? Suggest a food for us to add.

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