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If you are not receiving our e-mail newsletter, it is possible that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is viewing it as spam or you are using an anti-spam software program that blocks unwanted e-mails. Recently, many ISPs have implemented Spam protection to keep your e-mail box from filling up with junk.

Some SPAM Software Programs are
  • ChoiceMail
  • EarthLink
  • MailWasher
  • Norton Internet Security
  • SpamArrest
  • Mac OS Mail
ISP’s look in the "To" field of inbound e-mails for many addresses. When the Spam Protector detects many addresses in the “To” field, it places the mail into a Bulk (or Junk) Mail Folder rather than your Inbox. We are working with many ISPs to keep this from happening. In the meantime, you may wish to check your Bulk Mail folder or speak with your ISP. If you are using anti-spam software, please make sure that your settings allow our e-mail to get through.

To ensure you receive our e-mail newsletter, please add to your address book and list us as a “safe sender.”

To double check that your email address is in our database, go to your Communication Preferences.

Enter your e-mail address and click “Submit”. If you are in the database you will be sent directly to the e-mail control center. If you are a subscriber or free registered user, you will need to log-in before you can gain access. If you do not have this information e-mail Customer Service for assistance.

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