WW Good Week | WW Canada

October 3 - 9 is WW Good Week in Canada! We are seeking to heighten awareness about the work of Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) and how donations from WW members help fund critical programs that use food as a tool to build health, belonging, and social justice.

Donations more than $100 will also receive a $50 WW Shop voucher (with free shipping included!). The impacts of food insecurity go far beyond a lack of food. Food insecurity creates a ripple effect. It makes people sick, breaks down relationships, makes it harder to get stable work and to fully participate in society.
Your donation will help three important programs at Community Food Centres across Canada - nutritious snacks for children, community gardens, and healthy meals for community members living on low incomes.
Lack of access to healthy food puts children at greater risk for poor development, lower academic achievement, and physical and mental health issues in adolescence and later in life. The development of healthy eating habits in the early stages of life has been shown to decrease the risk of diet-­related diseases in adulthood.
Community garden programs have a big potential to improve mental health and foster community support. There is an impressive body of evidence that shows growing plants, spending time with others, and being outside can have a hugely positive effect on people’s mental health. Some of those improvements include a stronger network of friends, creating a sense of pride and motivation, and reduced stress.
Food insecurity—an issue rooted in poverty—affects one in seven Canadians. Programs at Community Food Centres positively impact the health and well-being of people living with food insecurity and poverty. From community meals to cooking workshops to affordable produce markets, these programs improve access to healthy food and promote healthy eating behaviours. This helps to prevent and manage chronic conditions associated with poverty and food insecurity.
Community Food Centres Canada works with 300+ organizations across the country to bring people together around food while fighting for a more equitable society.

Our Good Food Organizations (GFO) network supports members to offer food programs focused on health and equity. This network consists of 320+ members across the country.